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    Eating Disorders – Binge Eating Is Increasing

    November 27, 2019

    It is only been in the last few years that the medical community has begun to recognize binge eating as an eating disorder. Although many people are familiar with bulimia, which is recognized when a person binge eats and then purges their system afterwards. With eating disorders like binge eating the pattern of actually trying to get rid of what they have eaten is completely removed from the equation and so makes it a completely different condition altogether.

    Because this eating disorder is so different from the others we have mentioned many who suffer from this do not actually believe they have an eating disorder. Rather what they see is that this person has a choice of just what they do with their body and what they eat.

    Although with bingeing a person is eating even if large amounts on an irregular basis they do not realize that they are actually placing their health at risk. In fact just as if they choose to starve or purge their body through vomiting or taking laxatives they are still placing strain on their body in the same way.

    Those people who choose to constantly eat large amounts of food will then place a considerable amount of strain on to their digestive system and their body. In a large number cases those who tend to binge eat find that they are more prone to weight gain and in some cases will be extremely unhealthy.

    When it comes to binge eating the biggest problem that those who suffer from this problem is that they do not actually realize that it is a problem. In many cases to avoid others realizing what is happening they will do their binge eating in secret, along with eating more food than would be considered normal. This is because they feel that they have complete control over the situation.

    With most eating disorders the biggest challenge that sufferers of these will have to face is actually admitting to themselves that they have a problem in the first place. They try to ignore the problem because they do not want to admit that they do not have any control over their life.

    We all eat a little more than normal at some stage especially during the Christmas and holiday periods, but this is considered to be quite normal. However for a binge eater the problem they have is that they will have no control over preventing themselves from eating too much on a very regular basis.

    When it comes to binge eating weight gain is likely to occur, yet the thing which can prevent a further from improving their situation is the psychological problems associated with it. In fact with eating disorders, like binge eating a person will not be able to change their ways simply because they are not able to accept that they have a problem in the first place. In fact they feel that they have the choice and it is their decision to eat in the way they are.