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    Funny News Stories To Share

    July 25, 2018

    Let’s face it. Reading the news, be it on national broadsheets or local tabloids, can quickly become depressing with stories about the effects of recession, domestic violence, and dirty politics, among others. Well, why ruin your day when you can easily make it a happy one with funny news stories?

    These funny short stories are not your usual stories of doom and gloom, which are the common tales reported by large news organizations, both online and in print. Instead, these are stories about common people leading common lives but with one uncommon difference – theirs are funny stories that put a smile on your lips and a laugh in your belly. You simply cannot resist but let out a giggle and then a full-on guffaw followed by loud laughter when the story’s hilarity becomes evident with each passing second.

    Indeed, funny news stories are meant to be shared among two or more people, which cannot be said of the typical doom and gloom fare of mainstream news. After all, why become the bearer of bad news when you can be the bearer of great news that make everyone’s day happy? Or at least, you share funny short stories that inject a much-needed boost to someone’s gloomy day.

    Shared laughter among family and friends is not all there are to sharing funny news stories either although this is certainly the best benefit. Laughter also has it social purposes of which the most important is strengthening the bonds of love, trust and friendship in your circle of family and friends.

    Think about this scenario: You and your husband are having an intense argument about the finances in your household at a time when unemployment is a constant spectre in the economy. While in the middle of an argument, you suddenly remember a funny news story about two unemplo[censored] men and you tell it out of the blue. Your husband stops to listen and then laughs at the story’s hilarious punch line. The result: tension is diffused and you can now have a more constructive discussion about your present financial situation.

    It is true what relationship experts say: Shared laughter in good times will add fun to your relationship but shared laughter in bad times will make strengthen it. So, share funny news stories now and enjoy their benefits to the fullest starting with shared laughter.


    Taliban’s Humor?

    July 25, 2018

    The first thing I saw was “Taliban’s guide to the new ipad3” Now this sounded promising so I thought no problem in wasting 6 minutes of my time!

    The video was really really funny. I mean this is one the very few times when I am forced to login and comment on a video! But after watching the video I realised there was no mention of taliban in the video!

    Is this guy an attention seeker? Why do all his comedy videos are titled “Taliban’s guide to” ? He talks about movies, girls and [censored] but then again what is the relation with taliban?

    Well I got him up on facebook. goes by his real name “ibrahim Hanif” profile is mainly public. i subscribed to him! and in the next days i silently stalked him. got his twitter he goes by @ibimania on twitter. now when I could no longer remain silent I messaged him

    “Excuse me, I like your videos”

    He replied

    “Many people like them and many hate them, that’s no reason to message me”

    “I just have a question sir, why do use taliban in ur titles”

    “I don’t like explaining myself”

    I didn’t message him on facebook after that. but I did message him on his youtube where he goes as recordmylaughter he replied in a better way telling that because he refused to shave his beard, his friends would call him taliban.

    But this wasn’t just an inside joke. Ibrahim Hanif wants to achieve something! to make people believe that bearded guys do have a sense of humor, muslims too can make jokes about bizzare things. He has a fair po[censored] rity on youtube

    Ibrahim Hanif I came to know has been writing humor and is also interested in magic tricks and a lot of other things including origami and japanese.

    He is inspired by louis ck’s observation and craig ferguson’s wit.

    In magic his favorite is wayne houchin followed by daniel garcia. he doesnt like mainstream magicians like criss angel or david blaine.

    asked him one thing he will change if he could well for him the world is better off with all its miseries. taliban they calll him sure i know why now!


    Funny News Stories – Have You Heard Any Lately?

    July 25, 2018

    Life is weirder, funnier and stranger than any prolific writer can ever come up with in his imagination. Funny news stories, which we can confidently assume are true stories for the most part, are proof of just how life is the best inspiration for hilarious jokes with many even becoming a part of urban legend and family lore. Here are a few examples of funny true stories that you may have heard in the news.

    Oil Change, Life Change

    A 45-year old woman, Amy Brasher, was apprehended by police in San Antonio, Texas after entrusting her car to a local mechanic for an oil change. Now, you probably think that an oil change is a routine car maintenance procedure that has absolutely nothing to do with criminal activity. Be prepared to be surprised with one of best funny news stories that can be attributed to plain stupidity.

    Brasher hid 18 packages of marijuana in her car’s engine compartment! She admitted to the failure to realize that the mechanic will lift the car’s hood for the oil change and that’s how she got caught with her hood up, so to speak. Now, there’s a life-changing event after an oil change.

    The Smell of Gasoline. Or Is It?

    In one of the funny true stories with a certain malodorous smell to it, a man attempted to steal gas from a parked motor home on a Seattle street. Instead of siphoning the motor home’s gas line, he accidentally plugged into its sewage line!

    When police arrived, the thief was so ill from the malodorous smell that police found him curled up next to the motor home presumably still vomiting his guts out. The good news is that the owner did not press charges against the thief. Why? He said that it was one of the most hilarious funny news stories he had ever been part of.

    Indeed, if you look around you, read the newspapers and watch the news, you are bound to come across funny stories about real people living real lives, so to speak. Keep your eyes open, too, because you never know when you, too, can tell your own funny news stories to your family and friends.


    Laughter and the Connection with Funny Jokes

    July 25, 2018

    Laughter has been likened to a great unifier of people, a relaxing reliever of stressful situations, and an effective way to strengthen relationships, be it between family, friends and lovers. Indeed, when you can deliver funny jokes in a way that makes other laugh their hearts out, then you have just found one of the best relationship skills known to man.

    The questions then are: Why do we laugh at funny stories, anecdotes and jokes? Why do we laugh more at certain jokes but not at others? Why do we like funny love stories more than, say, vulgar [censored] jokes – or the other way around, for that matter?

    What Jokes Are

    Let’s first define what jokes are as we know them to be in the modern world. Jokes are stories, anecdotes and one-liners that are spoken, written and done with hilarity and humour in mind. To achieve this purpose, jokes can have touches of sarcasm, irony and word play as well as physical slapstick, gestures and actions to elicit laughter from their audience.

    Indeed, to use the term “funny jokes” is a redundancy but we must acknowledge the differences inherent in each individual’s sense of humour. You may appreciate the raucous stand-up comedy of Chris Rock, for example, but your partner may like Lucille Ball’s slapstick better. Each to his own taste in jokes just as each one has his own way of laughing.

    How Jokes Lead to Laughter

    So how exactly do funny stories, anecdotes and jokes lead to laughter? Scientists have discovered that different parts of the human brain are affected by different types of funny jokes. However, it is the medial ventral prefrontal cortex that initially reacts to the jokes themselves with the other parts of the brain process the jokes and, from there, starts the chain reaction we know as laughter. By the way, the medial prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain responsible for personality development and cognitive function.

    For example, jokes take a completely different path than puns – the latter are processed in the prefrontal cortex. This explains why individuals who have brain trauma will find some jokes funny that others find blah and vice versa. The brain, after all, controls our thoughts including when, where and for how long we laugh over certain jokes including funny love stories.

    Indeed, when you tell funny jokes to others, you are appealing to their brains, literally.


    Funny True Stories to Share at Your Next Party

    July 25, 2018

    Parties are great times to tell funny true stories obviously because these add fun, laughter and enjoyment to the occasion.

    Surprise Christmas Present

    Let’s start off with one of the funny Christmas stories where the theme is gift-giving gone wrong. Two men, John and Jake, were luckily able to purchase two season tickets to their favourite team’s games. In the stadium, they noticed that the seat next to them was empty so they decided to ask the ticket office if they can buy the spare seat for their friend. The ticket staff, however, told them that the seat was taken.

    Week after week, the spare seat was empty. Then, on the day after Christmas, a man came to take the seat. They cannot resist asking where he was all season.

    The man replied, “My wife bought the season tickets last summer but kept it as my surprise gift for Christmas and so here I am!”

    Obscure Laws in Effect

    Even in the Information Age, medieval laws can still be in effect, which is yet another subject of funny true stories. During examination day at Cambridge University, an intelligent if smart[censored] student asked the proctor for cakes and ale with the assertion that this was written in the 400-year old Laws of Cambridge. At this point, efforts were made to provide the student with soft drinks and hamburger, which were deemed the equivalent of cakes and ale.

    Well, of course, university officials will not take it sitting down and so they referred to the Laws of Cambridge, which were written in Latin and still effective albeit in a nominal manner. The result: The student was fined for not wearing a sword during examination.

    Hit the Floor

    This is one of the funny true stories regarding a well-known Hollywood celebrity. A well-dressed white lady went to Los Angeles during the height of racially-charged riots. She decided to risk riding the high-cl[censored] hotel’s elevator with three black men one of whom said, “Hit the floor, lady!” Out of sheer terror, she immediately dropped to the floor on her stomach.

    But the black men laughed so hysterically that she looked up and saw it was Eddie Murphy with two of his business partners. Murphy only wanted her to push the button on the floor she was going to.

    Now, that’s one of the many funny true stories that we can relate to.


    The Pros and Cons of Having Gl[censored] Sliding Doors

    July 25, 2018

    As we’re about to study why affordable entry-points are wanted and not, it is crucial that we have a look regarding the features of these modern version of moving doors. Individuals are now experiencing the way to do things more easily and in a luxurious manner with the technological advances being unveiled since they require more home improvements at costs within their reach. House owners have become eagle e[censored] and harder to please now as they are very stringent on the supplies used and also the agreed shipping dates. Producers and manufacturers are also competing with one another and somehow on the way, customers end up being the winner of this fair game.

    Because creativity is the method of the producers to keep their market position, this was used in modifying the normal or traditional doors into something interesting with a shade of technology as well as fashionable. Gl[censored] sliding doors are one of these doors. These doors have produced revenues and improved their production. The hinged doors are on a decreasing production because they need larger rooms to put in which could be devoted for furniture or perhaps similar items in the home. However sliding doors are space savers that can be utilized for other functions in the home.

    Interior gl[censored] sliding doors have numerous applications. Closets will benefit a lot from these since it can be used with any kind such as the laundry cabinets, living room cabinets, bedroom cabinets and even the kitchen cabinets too. The front door, back door or any kind of door used along corridors are perfect places to make use of these. From the outside the house, you can view the elegance of the inside of your house. Due to its appealing feature it provides to your homes, gl[censored] is the main choice to be used. It does not just fits perfectly these doors, but the cost of gl[censored] if affordable.

    Its gorgeous look that is stylish is yet another feature of gl[censored] sliding doors apart from the many advantages that they bring. Nonetheless, regardless of the benefits, you will have to expect some downsides too. These doors have many benefits. House owners of today could get many benefits from these kinds of doors. The size of your doorway doesn’t matter much because this type of door does not require large room compared to bi fold doors or hinged doors.

    With these doors, your house appearance will be improved. You can get a clearer vision of the other side of the house or section of the home. You may even beautify your gl[censored] sliding doors when it’s just at the right position. Sliding doors could provide sufficient natural light that can promote the health of the household. The breeze could also come into your home if you are using these types of doors.

    You’ll find downside which go along with these types of doors. When compared with the other type of doors, they’re a bit expensive. These types of doors were not designed to handle extreme heat weather conditions and strong winds. The other problem about them is maintenance. Even though you’ll find a lot of negatives, many homeowners still prefer gl[censored] sliding doors because it gives an amazing look to your home and increases its market price also.


    Why You Should Read Funny Short Stories

    July 25, 2018

    There are many reasons why you should read funny short stories and on a daily basis. All these reasons boil down to one thing – laughter and its benefits to your health, to your relationships and to your life. Of course, you don’t need any expert to tell you that laughter is the best medicine and, thus, it is good for you. Still, let’s take a look at how reading the likes of funny kids stories should be on your daily menu breakfast, lunch and dinner, even snacks.

    Laugh and Be Healthy

    Have you ever noticed how that you laugh wholeheartedly at hilarious jokes, anecdotes and stories your whole body is involved? We have terms like tickled to the bone, laugh your head off, and belly laugh to denote how laughter affects the body.

    Science has pointed out that laughing at funny short stories, jokes and anecdotes relaxes the entire body mainly by relieving physical stress and tension. After a few minutes of good laughter, you will feel relaxed for the next 45 minutes.

    It is not just feelings of relaxation that makes laughter the best medicine. Laughter also strengthens the immune system because it stimulates the release of antibodies and immune cells while lessening stress hormone levels. Add in the benefits of protection for the heart and release of feel-good hormones known as endorphins and you have more reasons to laugh even in the midst of a health crisis, be it emotional or physical.

    The benefits of laughter from reading truly funny kids stories and funny short stories about the follies of adults also extend to your emotional health. When you laugh, you say goodbye to distressing emotions even on a temporary basis that, in turn, makes you see things in a better perspective. Laugh at your problems, so they say, and you are bound to find a better solution for them.

    Laugh and Be Happy

    Because you are happier, thanks to laughter, your relationships with family and friends also benefit. In fact, scientific research has found that shared laughter strengthens the bond between two people for many reasons. Relationships are kept fresh and exciting while also being made deeper with each session of shared laughter. To paraphrase, those who laugh together, stay together.

    So, start reading all the funny short stories you can read and get free, major and lifetime benefits!


    Funny Love Stories That Gives You That Fuzzy Feeling

    July 25, 2018

    Love stories are supposed to be full of romance, seduction and enduring love. As these funny love stories show, however, these stories can also be filled with laughter. Fortunately, shared laughter is a great way to strengthen the bond between couples so go ahead and laugh!

    Just Say It Already!

    This is one of those funny stories with moral lessons at the end with the lesson being: Just say it already!

    Joe wanted to pop the big question to Jane but was undecided on how to say it. Their dialogue went like this:

    Joe: “Jane, can I ask you a question?”

    Jane: “Yes, Joe.”

    Joe: “It is such a great thing to be a bachelor but there comes a time when a man needs somebody who will make him feel like a hero, who will love him in an unconditional manner, and who will be true to him at all times.”

    Jane: “I understand and I agree. Let’s go get you a puppy.”

    Fuzzy feelings, indeed, thanks to one of the most hilarious funny love stories due to misunderstandings! Well, of course, Joe eventually found the courage to ask the right question but not before getting a good laugh out of it.

    Choose a Prize

    Yet another of the funny stories with moral lessons, this time for women, is the story of the man with a collection of teddy bears. A woman meets a handsome, successful and funny man in a bar. After a few drinks, they were ready for their nightcap by going to the man’s apartment.

    In his apartment, the woman was surprised to find that the man had a collection of teddy bears stocked in a floor-to-ceiling shelf inside the bedroom. She was amazed at his sensitive side and so decided to go all the way. And this is where one of the funny love stories takes off.

    Afterwards, the woman asks the man how it was. The man turned to her and said, “Take a teddy bear from the higher part of the shelf.” Why? Because the higher parts contained the priciest teddy bears in the man’s collection. And they lived happily ever after. That is, until someone else came along.