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    Easily and Simply Reduce Cholesterol and Weight

    November 27, 2019

    Cholesterol is just one of the substances that the body can produce on its own. Unfortunately, eating food that is high in oil and saturated fats creates an imbalance that can be dangerous for your health. If proper precautions are not taken, the chances of a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases become higher.

    Cholesterol has a twofold classification. The first is LDL or low-density lipoprotein. This is better known as bad cholesterol and having too much of it can cause health problems, sometimes life threatening.

    To counter-act the LDL the body produces HDL or high-density lipoprotein, also known as good cholesterol. There must a balance between the two so that the heart, blood circulation and all the other systems can work properly. To find out what your cholesterol levels are – make an appointment and have a blood test taken.

    The natural way to reduce cholesterol is to do something physical everyday. Like a daily brisk walk, a trip to the gym to workout, or even cleaning house.

    A friend of mine recently brought down her cholesterol naturally and her weight loss was 16 pounds in 17 days, which is remarkable. But she worked at it, believing in herself and by doing very simple physical things; for example using a mini-trampoline for 2 or 3 minutes every hour or so, walking and of course changing her eating habits.

    Changing eating habits, brings long terms effects and rewards. Cutting down on oily and junk foods is a good start, as well as bread, cake, candy bars, cookies, French fries and potato chips. Changing the way food is prepared is also another way to reduce cholesterol naturally. Instead of frying, why try steaming or poaching.

    Drink lots of water and natural fruit juice since it also contains properties that can reduce cholesterol and drinking unsweetened tea wont hurt either.

    Watching your food and drink intake is the best way to curb your cholesterol levels and improve your overall health. There are many easy ways to lower your cholesterol and it can be done without extra cost – the consequences of not keeping this in check can be fatal.


    Do You Know What Cholesterol Is?

    November 27, 2019

    There are many experts discussing cholesterol today however something not always mentioned is that out bodies need cholesterol to function properly. Cholesterol help our bodies build the cell walls that in return help with hormone and bile production. The amount you need however is not much and when the excess starts to build up it causes a great deal of problems for the cardiovascular system in particular.

    Too Much of a Good Thing

    The good cholesterol becomes a problem when there are too much and the body is unable to eliminate this excess from the system. The excess cholesterol then builds up as a plaque in the arteries and in doing so blocks the flow of blood.

    When blood cannot flow as easily, the heart must work that much harder to keep the blood moving through the body. This puts a strain on the heart, and places the person at much higher risk for cardiovascular disease and a heart attack.

    This is the reason why keeping an eye on cholesterol levels is so important. If you find you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, you and your doctor can work together to lower it to a healthy level, by using a combination of diet, exercise and medication. The heart will then return to normal function. It is important to check your cholesterol levels on a regular basis in order to act on a high cholesterol diagnosis as soon as possible.


    The two types of cholesterol in our bodies are LDL and HDL cholesterol. HDL or high density lipoproteins helps to remove cholesterol from our bodies and LDL or low density lipoproteins delivers cholesterol to the body.

    Needless to say that a higher HDL will therefore mean lower cholesterol and a healthier cardiovascular system. Experts figure the two numbers together to work out what an overall healthy cholesterol reading is.

    This understanding of cholesterol and how it can be both good and bad for your heart is a very important step towards a healthy cardiovascular system. Keeping an eye on your cholesterol levels on a regular basis is a great step towards heart health.

    Discuss good cholesterol levels or ways to maintain or achieve them with your doctor.


    Improve your health! Exactly how to Lower Cholesterol Levels

    November 27, 2019

    There has been a lot in the media concerning the risks of a high cholesterol level. It’s not just hype either; studies have shown that a high cholesterol quantity is directly linked to a higher risk of cardiac arrest, stroke and cardiovascular illness. So that you can live healthy, you have to get that number in order and for many of us that means to bring it lower. But how do you lower cholesterol? The good news is you will find a lot of options in how you can lower cholesterol via lifestyle adjustments and medication in particular conditions.

    You are What You Eat

    Yes, it is true. What you eat really does have a very direct correlation to your overall health, no matter what your fantastic grand uncle said about eating sausage every day and living to a ripe old age of 96. Our diets today are simply not conducive to the healthy way of life, which is the reason why we have seen an increase in obesity as well as an increase in disorders like diabetes and heart disease. There are lots of methods to discover how you can reduce cholesterol through great diet options. First, go for the fruits and vegetables first and foremost. Are you currently getting five a day? The USDA actually recommends five to nine portions of vegetables and fruit daily for optimum well being.

    Most of today’s diets do not include many whole grains either. We eat lots of bread and cereal products, but a lot of them are produced from refined sugar and flour, that is not how to lower cholesterol. A good principle would be to find breads that contain plenty of grains and seeds actually visual on the slices. You also need to look for ingredient lists that contain phrases like “whole grains” or “whole wheat” to ensure that you’re making your best carbohydrate choices.

    Get Moving!

    Physical exercise is one more element for how you can lower your cholesterol, and daily exercise is the very best certainly. It’s not as hard to work aerobic activity into your day as you might think – what about a stroll during your lunch hour or even a bike trip round the area right after work? Even a game of tag with all the children in your garden could get your blood pumping, and that is what cardiovascular physical exercise is all about. Exercise will also assist you to maintain a healthy weight, which is one more key in how to lower cholesterol.

    If these lifestyle adjustments do not help you to obtain those cholesterol numbers down, your physician has also treatment options for you to consider. It is so important to discover how you can lower cholesterol as a part of an all round healthy way of life.