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    Memory Loss Caused By Stress?

    November 29, 2019

    Can stress cause memory loss is a question many people have been asking lately. Our body reacts accordingly to many situations of stress. Hormones are released such as cortisol by the brain, and it provides the necessary energy to our body to start working immediately.

    Read about stress and if it can cause memory loss. Stress needs to be prevented at all costs.

    Since the hippocampus is robbed of its energy in such conditions, there are high possibilities of creating new memories at this point of time. If the hippocampus is exposed in such a way for a long time, then there are chances of short-term memory loss. The functions of the brain are deterred and loss of memory occurs in such times. Repeated exposure of the hippocampus damages it, and this is one of the earliest causes of Alzheimer’s at a later stage.

    Still wondering if can stress cause memory loss. It is important that you take this seriously in order to avoid irreparable damage to the brain. However, it is natural for all of us to forget things when we are in the middle of a lot of work. Too much pressure tends to make us forget a few things here and there. But if you are always working under pressure and stress then this may become a chronic ailment. Therefore, it is necessary to work under normal conditions. Misplacing things and not remembering where you kept them is a sign of normal forgetfulness. But stress related memory loss diseases include Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other related illnesses that cause trauma to the brain.

    If you keep your stress under control then you are less likely to lose your memory. Find out What Causes Memory Loss and learn how to cure it. Never have short term memory loss confusion again.


    Health Issues Caused By Financial Stress

    November 29, 2019

    Having money worries can cause endless stress and sleepless nights and as a result – a number of challenges that can become health risks. Research shows that anxiety related to personal financial issues causes stress, which then leads to serious health problems, where people in these unfortunate circumstances are more likely to try and find solitude in drinking, over eating, smoking and numerous other unhealthy behaviours, which in turn brings more stress and the vicious circle goes on – unless there is support at hand to turn the situation around.

    With less money for self care, people that owe money and under financial pressure, put health care on the back-burner in order to get by on a daily basis and buy the bare essentials like food. They often feel badly about themselves, which strengthens the stress and depression.

    The longer the financial issues are left un-solved, the deeper the stress, depression and introvert behaviour becomes. But there are resources that can help to handle negative financial situations, reducing stress and help build toward a more secure and stress free future.

    Getting out of debt is much easier with a plan and there are many professional entities that are able to assist with for example bad credit loans, which can alleviate the stress and set you on the right path to a better and healthier life style.

    Working towards reducing the debt owed becomes a little easier when there’s someone there to support you and while working on the ultimate goal of improving your financial issues, stress can be reduced by doing stress reducing exercises, that can be done without any equipment.