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    Tummy Tuck Pricing

    December 2, 2019

    How much does a tummy tuck cost? For anyone thinking about tummy tuck surgery, also know as an abdominoplasty, that is probably one of the first questions on your mind. But unfortunately, that question is difficult to answer. The reason is because the price varies so much depending on where you live in the United States. Because the price varies so much, many people choose to travel to another state to have their surgery done.

    Some of the cheapest places include Idaho, Indiana, and Utah. But if you look around, you can probably find reasonable prices near you. That being said, you should never choose your cosmetic surgeon based solely on price alone. After all, it is your life in their hands. Similarly, by choosing a cheaper or less skilled surgeon, you might run into complications after surgery, that could cost more than what it would have cost if you had gone with the more expensive surgeon.

    Because the cost for a tummy tuck varies so widely, I googled for various tummy tuck/ plastic surgeons around the country and then I gave them a phone call and asked how much the charge for a tummy tuck. Through this experience, I learned a few things. One, the price varies a lot from city to city. All together, I figure the average price nationwide is about $6300 which is the total cost for the surgery. That covers the surgeon’s fee, use of the surgical facilities, and the anesthesia. Probably around 75% goes to the surgeon.

    So after calling surgeons across the country these are the results I’ve found. Ill list them here alphabetically.These are the prices I was quoted.

    In Atlanta Georgia, the price for a tummy tuck was between $6500 and $8000. In Chicago, the price was between $5000 and $11,100. Next we have Detroit. Detroit was one of the most expensive cities to have a tummy tuck. I was quoted $14,000 by the first surgeon I call. However a city very close to Detroit, West Bloomfield, the price there are was $8500. In Houston, the prices range from $3500 up to $9150. Los Angeles, the place I thought would be the most expensive, the prices range from $6000-$9600. In a city close to Los Angeles called Oxnard I found one surgeon willing to do the surgery, for $4600. After that we have Miami, where the prices ranged from $6000 up to $10,200. Next is New York City, with a price range between $5000 and $13,000. Oregon, surgeons were willing to do the surgery for anywhere between $6000 and $14,500. In Philadelphia, prices range from between $5500 and $11,100. And last but not least, in Seattle, and that includes Bellevue, Renton, SeaTac, price is worry where between $5000 and $10,000.

    The cost of a tummy tuck spans a wide range as you can see. If you’re really on a budget but want similar results, you might consider a panniculectomy which removes excess fat and skin only, instead of work done on the stomach muscles like a tummy tuck.

    Fat loss

    How To Change Your Health Habits For Life.

    December 2, 2019

    Losing weight is a very common goal in todays world. Diseases caused by overweight and obesity are at epidemic levels all around the English-speaking world and countries in the developing world are catching rapidly with the obesity phenomenon.

    There are a plethora of diet plans and fads out there now and the list grows daily. It is so confusing if you want to get sound advice as to how to go about effective weight loss. And everyone wants it to be quick and easy. Am I right ?

    As a consultant exercise physiologist, I get contacted so often about the latest fads, even I get confused sometimes. However, the basics still apply when it comes to fat loss as it should more accurately be called rather than just weight loss.

    The formula is still basically the same as it has always been. Energy output or exercise needs to be greater than energy input or food intake. However, the hardest thing for most people is motivation; the how and why of getting started and how to develop positive, ongoing habits for life.

    The rest is just the detail. There are many machines, gyms, diets plans, abdominal machines etc but these are all nearly useless if you have no powerful reason to start a healthy lifestyle. I have chatted with many people who wanted to make lifestyle changes but were not prepared to do whatever it was going to take to develop habits that would last the distance.

    Most of exercise and health behaviour is all about change or substitution; out with the old and in with the new, presumably healthy routine.

    So, how to make this change? First you need to consider where you are now. What is your starting point? Is there are family history of cardiovascular problems?

    There could be warning signs that you should change before something drastic happens. Once you have identified a powerful enough trigger, you are halfway to making the change/s you need to make. But if the reason is someone elses and not truly yours, once the excitement of a new programme wears off, you may find you are back to square one.

    So, be aware and make sure you start with a strong resonating reason for change. It is the most effective way to ensure you get off on the right path and this will enable you to stay the course when times get tough.

    The never say diet approach is about lifestyle changes. It is truly the only way to reliably beat the fads and the failure of the quick fix approach.

    Fat loss

    Another Good Reason to Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs

    December 2, 2019

    The development of female-like breasts in young men and teenagers is referred to by medicine as gynecomastia. The causes of the condition are several and different, ranging from hormonal problems ? the most common ones ? to several medications or drugs. Gynecomastia, considered a disease by many medical circles, can be addressed regardless of the original cause. Treatment can be different but in 90% of cases is quite effective; the problem lies to the psychological effects of the condition to men, which can be really serious.

    Men have great difficulties with this condition, which is the main cause of antisocial behavior among young men and teenagers. Gynecomastia can cause serious distress, problems in self consciousness and awareness, low self esteem, embarrassment. Gynecomastia by default causes several self image issues to men, issues that need to be addressed by an expert, before they can cause serious psychological and social problems.

    In most cases, the medical part of the problem can be addressed and solved fast; whether it involves some medication and treatment, or surgery in more severe pathological cases, the condition is reversible and treatable, but the psychological effects of Gynecomastia are not easy to deal with. Most men have a hard time dealing with the emotional scarring caused by this condition. Gynecomastia can result in minority type complex behaviors, loss of self confidence and acceptance.

    Men, both adults and teenagers, avoid relationships with other individuals while suffering from gynecomastia. Ridicule, intimidation and emotional blocking are among the serious consequences and effects of gynecomastia to men, who start questioning their sex and their ability to adapt to society. They also avoid relationships with the opposite sex and feel even less comfortable around them, as they think that they have an unwanted common characteristic with women.

    Masculinity doesn?t rely on the non existence of breasts ? this is something that most patients hear all the time, however it can little affect or change their mind set. Men with Gynecomastia might need to deal with ridicule of others and the consequent emotions of shame and humiliation that can devastate their life.

    Most men have a hard time going to the sea or pool, or get undressed for any reason. In most severe cases, breasts cannot be hidden by clothes either; this means that fear of humiliation is always present.

    Men with gynecomastia feel seriously unattractive; this can affect their sexual relationships as well, as they feel reluctant to get undressed in front of a woman, fearing that she might feel uncomfortable or disgusted by the abnormal development of breasts. Their ability to form long-term intimate relationships can be affected or minimized.

    Men who suffer from gynecomastia should deal with the issue from the beginning; in some cases men avoid seeking medical help, fearing rejection and humiliation, a fact that adds to their social and psychological problems. Addressing the physical part as soon as possible, with the aid of doctors and professionals, is crucial, not only for health reasons, but also because the final solution of the problem can help them prevent the serious psychological effects that gynecomastia can cause.