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    Applying this to habit change

    April 3, 2020

    That would be the key for me… something that will help me actually be self-disciplined enough to use it! Something easy and simple and compelling enough that it’s a joy to use.

    I really need a some type of notebook system. I currently use a momplanner, but it doesn’t give me everything I need. I just printed out your daily docket and like that there is room for everything. I have a need to cross things off my list of shopping. I like notebooks, but I’d prefer something that is not 8 1/2 by 11– something smaller. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    For me, this box would contain a set of resources books, a binder with some dividers and clear plastic pocket things, a journal, a daybook, a wall calendar, and lots of black, rollerball micro tip pens. In my journey from having no clue how to run my household to now, where my husband will finally say, “Well, its okay if we don’t know when guests are comeing really far ahead, becuase the house is generally always ready”, I have had to research the systems that other people use (I read the Messies manual, The Speed Cleaning Book, Clean Like a Man, and Total Mom Makeover, surfed Fly Lady, Organized Home, This Messy House, and interviewed all my friends whose household keeping skills I admired for their top five tips and tricks), then journal about the ideas I found. Then I had to organize the information I needed in the binder (phone numbers, newsletters, etc so they don’t get lost and misplaced, weekly menus for future reference, receipts in the clear plastic pockets) as well as plan a basic household routine that worked around my schedule. Then I have to write down everything I need to do on the day I need to do it in the daybook (seriously, I’ve been vacuuming on Tuesdays for two years, but I still need to write it down). I have the wall calendar to look at when I need to plan something over the phone, and write little odds and ends on. I now use the journal to reflect on what I’m doing that I like / don’t like, keep my priorities straight and remind myself of why this is all important. The pens are just my favorite kind, and I feel happier about all that scribbling if I have a pen I like.

    All that being said, I think a lot of people are probably happier with just having a checklist handed to them, or daily emails telling them what to do. I just hate having anyone tell me what to do, so I have to reinvent the wheel.

    I too really need a more productive system. What will be ideal for me is something portable that can help me voice record/playback my messages/ tots that I want to be noted down while at the same time help me plan which tasks to do based on the optimum amount of energy I have for the day