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    Why the Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter is a Top Choice

    November 18, 2019

    Now you can check both your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels quickly and easily with the use of the Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter. All you need to do is simply place your fingertips into the device and it will turn itself, make the necessary readings and then provide those vital results on the easy-to-read display. The Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter will automatically turn itself off after 7 seconds from removing your fingertips, therefore extending the battery life of the unit.

    For customers who are concerned about the warranty, you must know that there is a two year warranty and the Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter comes with a detailed instruction manual to effectively help you to use it. This medical device has a wide range of high quality features which is found in a rather small package. This unit provides saturation accuracy readings between 20% and 100% and the pulse ranges from 20 to 250 beats per minute. The reason for these accuracy ranges is to cater to those patients who have low perfusion rates.

    There is a three color indicator and it can accommodate the finger size of an infant to an adult. That is between the range of 0.3 inches to 1.0 inches and gives an accurate reading. This Nonin oximeter has been certified for use aboard the US Military helicopters. The reason for this being that this medical instrument can operate at an altitude of 40,000 feet and can withstand pressures up to 4 atmospheres. Therefore this device can survive the most demanding conditions from freezing to extremely hot temperatures.

    Beside not being affected by the atmosphere, the Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter can also be dropped and submerged repeatedly without any adverse effect occurring. The two triple A batteries can be used for 18 hours of continuous use and for 1600 spot checks of 40 seconds each. For those of you traveling, the Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter is perfect. Weighing less than 2 ounces, it can be conveniently stored in your pocket, purchase, or small traveling bag. This convenience should not be undervalued. Being so small and light-weight, individuals are much more likely to carry the oximeter with them through the day and be readily available for use when and if they time arises.

    The Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter has been described as a five star medical device and although it is not the cheapest oximeter on the market, it is still very affordable for those individuals who need it. Reviews from persons who have bought and used this oximeter have said that it is a good buy. It is FDA approved and can be compared to the oximeters found in your doctors’ office and other medical institutions. What more can you ask for? Getting the accuracy of a medical grade device in the comfort of your own home. For those individuals who need to constantly keep track of the oxygen saturation levels of the blood, you simply can’t go wrong with a Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter.

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    Four Reasons You Should Consider a Nonin Oximeter

    November 18, 2019

    Nonin is known for their excellence in medical experience and providing high quality oximeters throughout the world, their models ranging from those for tabletop usage to those that attach to the fingertip. It is exactly what you need for all your SpO2 monitoring and spot checks. Their experience if over 20 years and they are continuously improving and making advancements in the medical field with new technology for the main purpose of patient care. The Nonin oximeter is proven and tested to handle any situation and outperform most other types of oximeters on the market today. Their goal is not to out do any specific company but rather to provide accurate and affordable medical devices for individuals in need of constant checking of critical data (in the case of oximeters, this would be the oxygen saturation levels of the blood).

    Nonin oximeters are today being used worldwide in both homes and hospitals alike. The quality that they provide is like non other and they are known for their accuracy and durability in all situations and all locations. They are also very light weight and made for portability, for use at anytime and anywhere. Another greater feature that their oximeters provide is low power options, this way you can have a longer lasting oximeter without the drop in quality. It also has a great deal of memory for any data storage and longer monitoring.

    Also available is the Nonin oximeter model 7600. This is the perfect tool used by clinical teams around the world. Using Equanox oximetry technology this oximeter offers for patients who may have or may suffer from brain damages a real time feedback. It is also a needed medical instrument that can monitor organ health and measures the HbO2 and Hb ( Oxygenated hemoglobin and deoxygenated hemoglobin) of the cerebral cortex which will allow medical doctors to help before any ischemia is known. Their readings are almost instant and the quality is incomparable. Nonin oximeters have provided a chance of hope for all patients, both home and in medical care. The combination of accuracy, durability and affordability has made Nonin one of the top producers of oximeters on the market today.

    The model 7600 also has an easy to use interface with a large display which would require the least bit of training to handle. It can also be used in any type of medical environment making it easy for both the patients and the medical team. It is also a very durable and long lasting machine that is sure to not shut down or be under high caution at times of need. Due to their high sensor design the dual light emitters allows accurate and precise measurements even if one light may be obscured the results will not vary.

    Overall this is just what is needed and what most people are already using for all purposes. The pulse oximeter and the model 7600 has their desired locations and serves all needs both home and at medical facilities. The possibilities are endless and the quality and accuracy that we have seen from Nonin is remarkable and for this reason we see that they are the number one choice today in the medical field.

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    How to buy the right medical battery for your medical equipment

    November 18, 2019

    Today, medical batteries are an essential component in the health care industry. A medical battery is used to power a variety of devices for body functions essential for maintaining life in a patient. It is essential to know which are the right medical batteries for equipment in hospitals and health care centers.

    Medical batteries are used to produce reliable performance in critical medical devices, such as defibrillators, vital sign monitors, incubators, infusion pumps and body composition analyzers. Today, hospitals also rely on implantable medical batteries for saving and sustaining lives of many patients.

    The medical device that consumes the most amount of power is the heart defibrillator and a good battery is vital to provide the best possible patient care in critical cases. Most defibrillators are powered by nickel-cadmium batteries and in such cases the use of smart battery technology is recommended to indicate the state of charge of the battery.

    Also, sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are used for defibrillators that are kept in standby mode. Though SLAs are bulky they ensure a prolonged ready mode without the need for recharging with medical battery chargers. Sealed Lead Acid batteries performs well where high spurts of current are required but are not recommended for carrying sustained high load.

    Lately, Lithium-ion is rapidly being adopted by the medical industry as batteries for medical devices because they are robust and economical.

    The Duracell medical battery is one of the best available in the market today because it adapts battery technology to changing requirements in the medical industry better than any other medical battery manufacturer. However, there are other brands that excel in mobility scooter batteries and replacement medical batteries.