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    How To Learn The Art of Orthopaedic Massage

    November 18, 2019

    Orthopaedic massage is one of the best ways to get relieved of pain and stress. It’s rising popularity has meant, that there is a huge demand for orthopaedic massage professionals. This has made it into a career option for those who are earning well, practising this art. But there are others who are learning this art not to make it into a profession but just to use on themselves. Like any other professional art orthopaedic massage also need training and it isn’t just about rubbing your hand over some one’s body. Here are some sources from where you can learn the skill involvedin the orthopaedic massage:

    Do A Certification – There is nothing like learning from a qualified professional. The best way to learn a orthopaedic massage therapy is to join an institute. There are many institutes which impart courses in orthopaedic massage. All you need to have is some basic qualification and you will be able to enrol for a course on orthopaedic massage. Such certifications are necessary if you plan to make orthopaedic massage as a career option for yourself.

    Use The Internet – Like all other fields, the Internet is one of the best sources to learn the art of orthopaedic massage. The web is full of information on the nitties gritties of orthopaedic massage along with graphical and pictorial illustration of the massage techniques. There are many dedicated websites which have ‘do it yourself’ sections which can also serve as a nice platform to gain knowledge. Apart from this there are a lot of educational videos on sites like YouTube which serves as a great means to learn orthopaedic massage.

    Books And Magazines – Books and magazines are another great source to learn orthopaedic massage. Although they may not be as glossy as the internet, they teach orthopaedic massage in the most detailed way possible. There are some magazines which are dedicated to health and massage and do generally carry articles on the techniques of orthopaedic massage.

    Work With A Professional – Working with an orthopaedic massage professional can also be a huge learning experience. Here you will be able to see real application cases for orthopaedic massage. This is perhaps the best way to learn the art of orthopaedic massage. The only downside of it being, that you won’t be awarded with a degree.

    Orthopaedic massage is a professional job and is not as easy as it seems. It should not be tried on injured patients unless you have perfected the art. Although you might know all the methods and techniques to make this into a profession, you will need to have a certification. In case you would like to use these techniques only on yourself then a degree in the same isn’t required.

    A certificate course will legalise you as an orthopaedic massage professional. Most medical practitioners don’t recommend their patients to people, who do not have a valid degree. So in case you are planning to take up orthopaedic massage as a profession, you should enrol for a certification programme first.

    Procedures & Therapies

    The Passion for Neurosurgery

    November 18, 2019

    Neurosurgery is a branch or medical specialty that deals with the entire procedures of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of nervous system disorders. Neurosurgery includes the operations of the brain, spinal chord, spinal column, peripheral nerves as well as the extra-cranial cardiovascular system. To put it simply, Neurosurgery has to do with serious things with the nervous system. So it deals with disorders such as Parkinson, Hydrocephalus, Tumors of the spine, spinal cord and the like. So this is clear that Neurosurgery is a branch of medical that handles very serious and life threatening problems. People who should deal with Neurosurgeons must be going through tough times with their condition. A neurosurgeon must understand that those people are fragile both physically and psychologically. Therefore, it takes someone who really has the passion for Neurosurgeon, like Dr. Anders Cohen, Brooklyn, NY.

    Dr. Cohen is a neurosurgeon with renowned reputation. Graduated from New York Institute of Technology – College of Osteopathic Medicine, he has the remarkable educational background as the starter of his career in the field of Neurosurgery. Anders Cohen, Brooklyn, NY is many things and being a Neurosurgeon is one thing that defines him the best. His passion for helping patients with nervous system conditions has made him one of the best neurosurgeons that this country ever had. Dr. Cohen was once a Chief Resident at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center and now he is the head of the Neurosurgery Unit of the Brooklyn Hospital Center.

    The passion for Neurosurgery that Dr. Cohen has runs through his veins and that is resulted in everything that he does and wherever he goes must be dealing with his career as a neurosurgeon. Not only is that he actively involved in neurosurgery communities and associations, he also share his abundant knowledge and experience to his colleagues or other people who are making their path to professional and reputable career as a Neurosurgeon by talking in both local and international conferences. His passion is just impossible to be held inside so that he keeps on sharing his knowledge to as many people as possible through the conferences. As a remarkable neurosurgeon, Dr. Cohen is following the latest techniques used in performing neurosurgery so that he is capable of dealing with even the most serious and severe conditions. Being in Brooklyn, Dr. Cohen is continuously trying to help others who are in need for treatments. He is determined to assist his patients in seeking for the best way to deal with their conditions.

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    Opthamologist USA Online Database using your Zip Code

    November 18, 2019

    Routine visits and checkups to your opthamologist are necessary to prevent eye disease and to maintain healthy eyesight. Using a USA online database is as simple as entering your zip code. Search for a physician in your state and city that specializes in preventing disease and maintaining optimum health.

    Use the USA opthamologists database by simply entering your zipcode. Locate an eye doctor who will provide you with exceptional care. Whether your vision is 20/20 or you wear eyeglasses you should be visiting a physician on a regular basis to have your eyesight examined. There are a number of diseases that can be easily prevented by early observation and diagnosis. An eye exam goes far beyond reading the symbols or letters on the tiny chart. The professional eye exam is much more detailed and will quickly recognize potential problems which can be easily treated.

    Regularly having your eyes examined by an opthamologist will assist you in preventing diseases of all types. Diabetes as well as hypertension and other physical ailments are known to affect vision and these diseases must be properly diagnosed and observed by regular doctor appointments in order to prevent adverse effects on the eyesight. Eyeglasses, contacts and disease prevention are just some of the issues that will be addressed through routine examinations. Medical breakthroughs are commonly experienced in this field of medicine and consistently visiting your eye doctor will provide you with medical assistance for issues such as floaties. Floaties can be easily treated. They are actually clumps of debris which are floating in the cavity of the eye and are casting a shadow on the retina when you look at a surface such as a book or while you were driving. These small pieces of debris are normal but can become annoying and can disturb your eyesight. Your opthamologist will be able to determine the cause of this interference in your vision. There are natural supplements which can be recommended. These products will assist your body in eliminating waste that is floating in your eye cavity. The eye examination will include an inspection for blockages and hindrances in blood vessels.

    Opthamologists specialize in providing optimum care for overall visionary health and for the eyes. There are many diseases and medications which can adversely and negatively affect your vision. Having routine and regular examinations performed by an eye doctor will eliminate the risk of eye disease and will also catch any potential problems early. Locate a trustworthy and reliable opthamologist through the use of an online database. Your eyes greatly affect your overall health and any negative issues can be easily addressed through medical advances in technology. Don’t hesitate to visit an eye doctor if you have been experiencing watery eyes, blurriness, pain around or in the eyes, and distractions in your vision such as floaties, or if you have been diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes or are on medication such as high blood pressure medication. Potential eye disease can be prevented and visionary loss can be eliminated through regular visits to your eye doctor. Eye doctors specialize in providing exceptional care for patients of all ages. Do not hesitate to use the online opthamologist database to locate a qualified physician in your area, your eyesight affects your overall physical health and should be protected through routine visits.

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    What are PET-CT Scans?

    November 18, 2019

    A PET-CT scan uses acronyms for much longer terms: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computerized Tomography (CT). They are both imaging tools that are used in hospitals throughout the world to help doctors locate cancerous cells and tumors in the body, in order to enable better and more accurate diagnosis. Each scan brings something to the process – the PET scan detects the metabolic signal of any growing cancer cells and the CT scan provides a very detailed image of the inside of the body which helps provide information about the location and quantity of any cancerous tumors. Used together these two scans are extremely powerful in terms of providing medical data and provide much information about the severity of any cancerous activity. This is the reason they are usually carried out at the same time. These scans use non-surgical processes and take very little time to carry out. They can be carried out on an outpatient basis and are completely painless tests

    A PET scan is a type of nuclear medicine imaging and is carried out by exposing the body to some radioactive material. This is usually administered via an injection into the vein, a pill of some type or inhaled as a gas. The amount the body is exposed to is very small so there are no long term side effects. The radioactive material accumulates in the area of the body that is being investigated and by doing so, energy (gamma) rays are given off. These rays are picked up by a special probe and scanner. Working together, the probe and the scanner can detect how much of the radioactive material has been absorbed by the body and turn this into an image that provides intricate details of the structure and function of the organs, cells and tissue in that particular area.

    Image fusion or co-registration refers to the practice of superimposing these images with the images produced by a computerized topography scan (CT scan) or even with a magnetic resonance image (MRI scan). By correlating images in this way even more accurate and more precise information can be gleaned which makes for better diagnosing of patients.

    Whilst a PET scan is useful for measuring functions such as blood flow, oxygen use and a person’s glucose metabolism in order to see how particular organs are working, a CT scan is useful for providing internal images with anatomic information. When combined in the way described above doctors have access to a wealth of information that enables them to “see” exactly what is wrong with a person and how serious the condition is. When used together these two scans (or modalities) create synergy – they can provide much more detailed information and prove to be far more valuable than when used separately.

    PET-CT scans are in particular used to detect cancer in the body. Not only can tumors be found but the rate of growth of cancerous cells and the extent to which they have spread can be seen. These types of scan can be given at regular intervals throughout the treatment of cancer to see how effective it has been and if the cancer is returning or being kept at bay. Aside from oncology, these scans are also useful for determining blood flow to the heart and assessing the damage after a heart attack to see what treatment or surgery would be appropriate. PET-CT scans are also useful for mapping brain function and detecting abnormalities such as tumors, disorders and problems with the nervous system.

    The medical world benefits greatly from the use of PET-CT scans in their methods for diagnosis. Medical image processing is a powerful tool in the fight against many serious illnesses and disorders, but when used together in particular a PET scan and CT scan provide a wealth of information. It works particularly well with oncology software, enabling cancerous growth to be detected and monitored continuously.