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    The Electronic Cigarette: A Clean Alternative To An Age-old Habit

    November 18, 2019

    Imagine a way of smoking where there was no lingering smell on your fingers and clothes, no ash, no ashtrays, and no cigarette burns in furniture. Sounds like wishful thinking, doesn’t it? Well, think again. Something called the ‘Electronic Cigarette’ is turning our wishful thinking into the ideal reality.

    The electronic cigarette, or ‘e-cig’, is a battery operated device that vaporizes liquid nicotine into a mist that is identical to smoke. However, this vapor is entirely odorless and contains none of the tar or carcinogens that you get with tobacco. Plus, since the vaporization is all triggered by the push of a button, or simply by your inhaling, there is never any need for a lighter or matches and there is never any ash or cigarette butts. It’s a virtually immaculate way to get the same experience as smoking a real cigarette.

    And since the e-cig primarily runs off of inexpensive nicotine cartridges, which are available from Electronic Cigarettes Inc., you will almost immediately notice the amount of money being saved by using the e cig. When refilling cartridges one could see up to $5000.00 in savings each year compared to typical tobacco consumption. With the experience of the e-cig being so close to that of an actual cigarette, and at an outrageously lower price, there’s no surprise as to why the electronic cigarette is making waves all over the country.

    “If anyone appreciates the e-cig more than me, it’s my family… my daughter no longer complains that daddy smells like cigarettes and I am no longer constantly buying mints or gum before I see my wife. I’m still completely satisfied, I can feel like I just smoked a cigarette, but everyone else benefits too. It’s a win-win situation.” -Mark, Ontario

    “…and one of my favorite times to smoke a cigarette is right after a meal. Since electronic cigarettes only produce vapor, I can smoke it anywhere, which means when I’m in public and feel like smoking I don’t have to go stand out in the cold for 10 minutes. I can get nicotine when and where I want it and there’s nothing better than that.” -Alex, NY

    Quit Smoking

    Want To Quit Smoking? Here Is What Smoking Actually Does For You and Why You Can Live Without It

    November 18, 2019

    To say that people are a slave to smoking is giving a cigarette more power than it actually has. In fact, people are not a slave to smoking but instead are a slave to the thought that they can’t quit smoking for fear of not having the thing that gives them courage, hope, happiness, self confidence, relaxation, stress reduction, energy, and – wait, how can something give you energy and relaxation? Oh wait, it can’t, only your mind can do that!

    So the real you, the one your mind controls, is not present when you are smoking. The fake you, the one that smoking controls, is present and the challenge is to not only quit smoking but also become in control of the real you again.

    I’ve been there and I can tell you that as a non-smoker I see it all very clearly. I know that smoking is not giving you energy or helping you relax but instead it is simply giving you a fix for the nicotine that has left your body. That’s it. It’s helping you not go through withdrawal.

    The reason you think that it helps you with every emotion possible in life is because you tend to grab a cigarette at every emotion possible and it relieves your withdrawal which is distracting you from feeling the emotion completely and once you get your fix you can focus on the emotion without withdrawal blinders on.

    Do you see what I am saying?

    The only thing the cigarette does is relieve the withdrawal. That’s it. It does not have super powers that cause a wide spectrum of emotions to appear and magically make you more productive in life. It only replaces nicotine that you had from your last cigarette then its job is done!

    The real you is the one causing the emotions of happiness, relaxation, focus, ect…the cigarette is just removing the withdrawal so that you can focus on your real emotions instead of the withdrawal.

    Now imagine not having to waste your time focusing on the withdrawal and instead just getting to the emotions!

    Every cigarette you light causes your next withdrawal. You give yourself some more nicotine and then your body is happy. Once the nicotine wears off your body wants more.

    Smoking is essentially a never ending cycle of feeding your body nicotine and having it wear off.

    So if smoking doesn’t help you deal with or feel emotions and all it is replacing a drug in your body that you are addicted to why is smoking so important to you then?

    If it’s because is socially acceptable you are wrong. It’s actually gross to most people and the only people that think its socially acceptable are the people who smoke. More and more people are quitting everyday which means more and more people think that you smell gross and look ridiculous sucking nicotine into your body for no reason.

    It does nothing for you in the way of feeling better or dealing with life. The real you does that after you have your nicotine fix.

    Your health suffers hugely for sucking on this poison. You have to realize that 1,205 people per day in the United States die from a smoking related disease. And all because they wanted to replace their nicotine in their body? Your intellect has to see the stupidity in that!

    The thing I realize is that smokers know that smoking isn’t healthy. They know that quitting would be better for their health. But they don’t know that they will be fine without their cigarettes. They don’t know that cigarettes literally do nothing for them except fill up the nicotine in their body.

    If most smokers knew that life without smoking is exactly the same as life with smoking but without having to plan their life around cigarettes and without having to poison your body then they may be more inclined to give quitting a try.