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    Pharmacy Assistant – A Successful Career

    November 14, 2019

    Pharmaceutical Industry is growing with the speed of population globally. So are growing the better career opportunities. Technological advancement in Pharmaceutical industry has given new dimensions to the research and development in this field and have opened many new areas of employment opportunities.

    Pharmacy Assistant is a program that trains you about general health related issues and their solutions. This course will make you a reputed and responsible person your locality / community who possess special knowledge about general health issues. A trained Pharmacy Assistant (PA) can help his / her surrounding community and other people in his orbit to live healthy life by suggesting them general dos and don’ts.

    A Certified Pharmacy Technician can prescribe necessary medication to ill community members and patients and help them recover and attain good health without suffering the illness. Students are imparted sufficient knowledge and training to look after general health issues and provide immediate first-aid treatment, whenever needed.

    Another role that a Pharmacy Certified Technician plays in the society is providing health related information to curious community members. S / He becomes capable of answering general health concerns of people, provide them correct information about medical products and services and answer their questions and concerns which they might come up with.

    Job Prospects for New Pharmacy Assistants:
    This is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to make a career in health care industry, serve community or want to start a career in medical industry. A Certified Pharmacy Technician program is your ticket to ever changing and challenging career which never lets your excitement evaporate from work and offers excellent growth opportunities. The job will give you a better reputation, identity and recognition in your community as a health issue expert.

    The scientific advancements are exploring newer humane diseases every time and new and better medicines and machines are coming up to facilitate patients and industry members both. The rapid development in Pharmaceutical and Medical industry have raised a steep demand for trained Pharmacy Assistants at various levels of excellence and experience. The trend is expected to continue this way opening newer job opportunities for certified pharmacy technician. There is a steep rise in the requirement of pharmacy professionals and their assistants globally. It is expected to grow more in coming years.

    Role of Pharmacy Assistant:
    A Pharmacy Assistant works between doctor and patients and his intuitions, knowledge and skills are employed when it comes to dispense drugs and medicines to the patients. The PA needs to be a detail-oriented person while administering medication or issuing prescription guidelines. All these aspects of the job role are well covered in Pharmacy Assistant training program.

    Pharmacy Assistant generally works under the supervision of Pharmacist. Here is a brief account of activities that a Pharmacy Assistant may have to carry out:
    – Read, explain and dispense prescriptions to patients
    – Prepare medicinal compounds if needed
    – Prepare Aseptic
    – Control Inventory
    – Purchasing
    – Merchandising
    – Liaisoning with government departments
    – Licensing and Other Membership Compliance
    – Computer Operating
    – Clerical and back-office duties
    – Distribution
    – Establish with regional doctors and customers

    Students are imparted complete information and experience about design, production, reactions and prescription so that the can confidently communicate and discuss these matters with Pharmacists, customers, patients and doctors. The courses are offered in convenient timings so that to suite schedule of working professionals, too.

    Education & Training

    Bio-Med QC, Leaders In Providing Resources Customized To Pharmaceutical Compounding

    November 14, 2019

    Bio-Med QC understands fully that specific Pharmaceutical Compounding techniques needs specific material, methods and microbiology. The quality system implementation and management offered by Bio-Med QC will assure compounding pharmacies that they are getting Asepsis Quality Assurance systems that will work best with their techniques and meet their needs and requirements. The range of systems offered by Bio-Med QC are the top leading name when it comes to AQA systems and will ensure compounding pharmacies an efficient and reliable system implementation and management.

    Bio-Med QC is the provider of systems such as Bio-Shield AQA, a leading Asepsis Quality Assurance system for compounding pharmacies. The Bio-Shield AQA by Bio-Med QC is leading microbiology system that helps detect contamination and will identify gaps in CSP procedures. This system will be of a great assistance to improve quality control in compounding pharmacies. The Bio-Shield AQA system can of course be customized to meet the needs of specific Pharmaceutical Compounding techniques and methods that are unique to each practice and laboratory. Bio-Med QC prides itself in adapting all systems to optimize their efficiency in all settings and offering a comprehensive solution for compounding pharmacies.

    The Bio-Shield AQA is synonym of simple implementation. Bio-Shield AQA comes with test kits including written procedures and easy to follow procedural instructions as well as expert microbiologists from Bio-Med QC to help set-up the system and simulate specific Pharmaceutical Compouding protocols. Bio-Shield AQA is also a comprehensive solution for all your Asepsis Quality Assurance needs; it offers an optimized system and validation by expert microbiologists, procedural documentation and protocol flow diagrams, laboratory support, complete media test kits and of course, timely and accurate results. Bio-Med QC also offers complete support to all owners of the Bio-Shield AQA through training, consultations and problem resolution.

    Bio-Med QC also offers other systems to help Pharmaceutical Compounding facilities besides the Bio-Shield AQA. The Bio-Shield AT is a personal Aseptic Evaluation kit. The Bio-Shield AS is a culture media plate kit for volumetric viable air sampling while the Bio-Shield SS is a quantitative surface sampling culture media plates for direct collection. All systems offered by Bio-Med QC will ensure that Pharmaceutical Compounding facilities get all the support needed and a customized system implementation and management to fit all Pharmaceutical Compounding practices, protocols and methods.

    Bio-Med QC is a leader in Asepsis Quality Assurance systems and is proud of being able to adapt all systems to specific Pharmaceutical Compounding protocols and methods. Bio-Med QC now also offers certification services and USP microbiology needs with support, evaluation, asepsis training, problem resolution and interpretation of result. Bio-Med QC is like a full support for any compounding pharmacies and will help ensure patient safety through extensive solutions related to contamination detection and gaps in CSP procedures. Bio-Med QC’s founder, Dough Haughs, offers more than 40 years of expertise in microbiology which guarantees professionalism and knowledge.

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    Technician Training That’s Just Right For You

    November 14, 2019

    Medical Technician Training plays a vital part in preparing a person to save the lives of patients in case of medical emergency. To make the training more effective, aid of lectures, demonstrations, simulations and other high quality information is taken. Without trained medical technicians, no modern healthcare is complete.

    If you are planning to make a career as medical technician, there are several options available to you. A brief study here about their duties and responsibilities may help you make up your mind about what you want.

    For learning the ethics of medical profession, no training can be better than Phlebotomy technician training. You get to learn how to deal with patients and other staff members while it makes you more proficient in man management. Phlebotomy technician training prepares you for the jobs like collecting specimens, maintaining patient data accurately along with various treatment procedures. Phlebotomy technician training from a reputed institution trains you to dexterously handle various medical instruments, tools, devices and equipments besides giving you knowledge about blood transfusion technique and diagnosis.

    Another interesting career option can be that of Cardiovascular Technician for which you need to get EKG Technician training. Here you will learn about various ultrasound procedures, cardiovascular procedures, and other related test procedures. EKG Technician training trains you to assist doctors in a variety of cardiology treatments and prepares you for the same by giving complete knowledge invasive cardiology, echocardiography, and vascular technology. After you acquire proficiency in heart and circulatory system through EKG training, you can easily find job of assisting a doctor as a cardiovascular technician.

    A patient care technician is an indispensible member of a medical squad who handles patients in a way appropriate to their medical conditions and other sensitivities. Patient Care Technician Training not only prepares you for the duties and responsibilities of a patient care technician but also develops your skills and professional abilities. Patient Care Technician Training from a good institution where you get hands-on training, can land you a job rather quickly.

    A proficient dialysis technician can make a lot of difference in the life of a kidney patient as he is the one who monitors them and operates the dialysis machine. Dialysis Technician Training prepares you to assist the doctors, sterilize and maintain the dialysis machine besides cleaning up. During the training you are taught to sterilize the patient’s blood prior to the dialysis treatment.

    Education & Training

    Hand washing posters encourage healthy habits

    November 14, 2019

    Constant reminders and easy access encourage healthy hand-washing habits
    In the last year, despite ominous threats from public health officials, the United States did not suffer a catastrophic H1N1 pandemic. The new strain of the influenza virus took its toll on American schools and businesses, but it was neither as deadly nor as devastating as officials at the Centers for Disease Control had predicted. Although the threat of widespread flu has not completely abated, it has substantially diminished, and healthcare professionals are breathing deep sighs of relief and educating the public regarding proper hand hygiene is part of an ongoing agenda.

    Epidemiologists credit public awareness and common sense for containing the threat. At the peak of the H1N1 crisis, Americans developed two extremely healthy habits that will continue to protect them against outbreaks of potentially fatal viruses: They learned to get vaccinated as soon as vaccines become available, and they learned to wash their hands frequently in order to control the spread of viruses and bacteria by way of a hand hygiene program. Of the two, the national obsession with hand-washing is unquestionably the most significant.

    Courtesy, Custom, and Compliance
    Dr. Annelyse Richardson, professor of medicine, reports, “Reliable studies show that rates of regular hand-washing or sanitizing doubled during the H1N1 scare. The increase sounds encouraging,” Dr. Richardson says, “but we still have a long way to go.” She points to one especially glaring statistic: Among elementary school-aged boys, only 30% routinely wash their hands after using the restroom, and among teen-aged boys the rate actually drops to 25%. For this reason,, portable sink manufacturer and innovator of portable hand wash stations, offers a free hand washing poster download for anyone interested in educating the public on proper hand washing and hand santization procedures.

    Richardson stresses, “Children and teen-agers forget that they transmit viruses and bacteria when they touch their noses and mouths, and they fail to wash their hands before and after eating or after blowing their noses. Germs often travel directly from nose to hand to crayons and pencils, spreading then among a dozen or so children in a matter of minutes.” Showing her empathy, Richardson explains, “Often, it is a question of access. In schools, we do not always have the facilities or the reminders the law requires or best practices suggest. Administrators, teachers, school nurses, and parents should do all they can to promote healthy hand-washing habits, but in a choice between buying a set of math books or providing a classroom sink, the math books usually win.”

    Dr. Richardson very strongly recommends reminding children and adolescents constantly to wash their hands, and she points out that they also need direct instruction in how to wash their hands properly. “We need constantly to remind kids that hand-washing is a matter of courtesy and respect, it’s a matter of custom-doing the right thing, and it’s a matter of following the rules. We also need to reinforce peer pressure about hand-washing by way of hand wash programs and public awareness.”

    Special requirements in food service and healthcare
    Access and notification gain extra urgency in the food service and healthcare industries, where negligent workers frequently can cause severe influenza or hepatitis outbreaks. “Honestly,” admits Aracelli O’Neill, a Certified Nurse Practitioner, “among restaurant owners, I would stress the financial risks associated with employees’ poor hand-washing practices. Just one outbreak traced to just one restaurant can kill an entire chain. One negligent employee can infect hundreds of customers in an eight-hour shift.”

    Portable Sinks and Hand wash stations
    Ozark River manufactures America’s most reliable, durable hand-washing stations. Light-weight, self-contained, easy to connect, and extremely affordable, Ozark River sinks work well in all kinds of settings where frequent hand0washing is essential. Ozark River makes portable sinks specifically designed for classrooms, jobsites, restaurants, employees’ restrooms and break rooms, and medical facilities. Ozark River’s distinguished design and engineering team collaborated with customers, listening carefully and developing products according to their needs. The team’s designs have won awards for their quality and their compliance with the nation’s highest safety standards.

    As Ozark River’s professionals worked with educators and healthcare professionals, they learned two critical facts about people’s hand-washing habits. First, unless they see point-of-service reminders about the importance of hand-washing, three out of four people will forget to wash their hands when they should. Second, and perhaps more importantly, most people do not know how to wash their hands properly and completely. Responding to the need for reminders and instructions, Ozark River has developed a poster that shows step-by-step the process for thorough hand-washing, and you can download the attractive, easy-to-read, fully illustrated poster from Ozark River’s website. This hand hygiene poster is free to everyone compliments of Ozark River.

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    First Aid Courses

    November 14, 2019

    Whatever type of business you run; first aid care is a valuable resource to offer. Of course for some business it may seem more obvious that others to get people first aid trained but in all honesty whatever business you run it is reasonable to arrange for at least some of your staff to be first aid trained.

    Even if you just run a small office someone called fall down the stairs or experience something serious like a heart attack. Imagine the panic that this can cause if there is not someone trained in charge of the situation.

    The truth is that although many employees recognise a need to offer first aid training to their employees, they don’t always follow through on this. The most likely reason for this would be the cost of getting some one trained up. Firstly the training will be done in work time, which means you are paying someone their wages but not getting the work hours in return. However the main thing that worries employees is the cost of the actual training course. Lots of the time first aid training courses can work out expensive. If you then times this by 10, 20 or even 50 employees you can see that the cost could quickly get out of hand.

    The trick is to find a first aid training course that is priced reasonably. However when you do this you should also check the details of the course that they offer. You want to make sure that despite the fact you have found a good price you still get the full course.

    Your employees will be set for life when you have sent them on this training course and you never know when their skills will be called upon in the work place.

    Why not have a look for a specialist business training course company? They usually offer a wide range of courses for different businesses so you may even find a different type of course that suits your business and book your employees onto that as well. Having employees that are fully trained can be really beneficial so looking at training courses is always a good idea.