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Tummy Tuck Pricing

December 2, 2019

How much does a tummy tuck cost? For anyone thinking about tummy tuck surgery, also know as an abdominoplasty, that is probably one of the first questions on your mind. But unfortunately, that question is difficult to answer. The reason is because the price varies so much depending on where you live in the United States. Because the price varies so much, many people choose to travel to another state to have their surgery done.

Some of the cheapest places include Idaho, Indiana, and Utah. But if you look around, you can probably find reasonable prices near you. That being said, you should never choose your cosmetic surgeon based solely on price alone. After all, it is your life in their hands. Similarly, by choosing a cheaper or less skilled surgeon, you might run into complications after surgery, that could cost more than what it would have cost if you had gone with the more expensive surgeon.

Because the cost for a tummy tuck varies so widely, I googled for various tummy tuck/ plastic surgeons around the country and then I gave them a phone call and asked how much the charge for a tummy tuck. Through this experience, I learned a few things. One, the price varies a lot from city to city. All together, I figure the average price nationwide is about $6300 which is the total cost for the surgery. That covers the surgeon’s fee, use of the surgical facilities, and the anesthesia. Probably around 75% goes to the surgeon.

So after calling surgeons across the country these are the results I’ve found. Ill list them here alphabetically.These are the prices I was quoted.

In Atlanta Georgia, the price for a tummy tuck was between $6500 and $8000. In Chicago, the price was between $5000 and $11,100. Next we have Detroit. Detroit was one of the most expensive cities to have a tummy tuck. I was quoted $14,000 by the first surgeon I call. However a city very close to Detroit, West Bloomfield, the price there are was $8500. In Houston, the prices range from $3500 up to $9150. Los Angeles, the place I thought would be the most expensive, the prices range from $6000-$9600. In a city close to Los Angeles called Oxnard I found one surgeon willing to do the surgery, for $4600. After that we have Miami, where the prices ranged from $6000 up to $10,200. Next is New York City, with a price range between $5000 and $13,000. Oregon, surgeons were willing to do the surgery for anywhere between $6000 and $14,500. In Philadelphia, prices range from between $5500 and $11,100. And last but not least, in Seattle, and that includes Bellevue, Renton, SeaTac, price is worry where between $5000 and $10,000.

The cost of a tummy tuck spans a wide range as you can see. If you’re really on a budget but want similar results, you might consider a panniculectomy which removes excess fat and skin only, instead of work done on the stomach muscles like a tummy tuck.

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