Taliban’s Humor?

July 25, 2018

The first thing I saw was “Taliban’s guide to the new ipad3” Now this sounded promising so I thought no problem in wasting 6 minutes of my time!

The video was really really funny. I mean this is one the very few times when I am forced to login and comment on a video! But after watching the video I realised there was no mention of taliban in the video!

Is this guy an attention seeker? Why do all his comedy videos are titled “Taliban’s guide to” ? He talks about movies, girls and [censored] but then again what is the relation with taliban?

Well I got him up on facebook. goes by his real name “ibrahim Hanif” profile is mainly public. i subscribed to him! and in the next days i silently stalked him. got his twitter he goes by @ibimania on twitter. now when I could no longer remain silent I messaged him

“Excuse me, I like your videos”

He replied

“Many people like them and many hate them, that’s no reason to message me”

“I just have a question sir, why do use taliban in ur titles”

“I don’t like explaining myself”

I didn’t message him on facebook after that. but I did message him on his youtube where he goes as recordmylaughter he replied in a better way telling that because he refused to shave his beard, his friends would call him taliban.

But this wasn’t just an inside joke. Ibrahim Hanif wants to achieve something! to make people believe that bearded guys do have a sense of humor, muslims too can make jokes about bizzare things. He has a fair po[censored] rity on youtube

Ibrahim Hanif I came to know has been writing humor and is also interested in magic tricks and a lot of other things including origami and japanese.

He is inspired by louis ck’s observation and craig ferguson’s wit.

In magic his favorite is wayne houchin followed by daniel garcia. he doesnt like mainstream magicians like criss angel or david blaine.

asked him one thing he will change if he could well for him the world is better off with all its miseries. taliban they calll him sure i know why now!

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