Success Stories of Cloud Computing

August 6, 2018

Businesses are increasingly using cloud computing technology. The main driving force for the adoption of rapid adoption of cloud computing includes lower IT costs, quick decision making and increased agility of response. Stories of successful adoption of cloud computing are found in various industries ranging from the government sector and retail to financial sector and food processing industry, as well as, various countries. Here we discuss success stories of a number of organizations in cloud computing adoption.

Public Sector

Japan’s Oita Prefecture adopted the use of a private cloud computing environment and achieved cost savings of 30%. Oita Prefectural Government in Japan has been implementing its virtualization strategy since 2008. In 2008, it consolidated servers, and by 2010, it tackled the mission virtualization critical system by using virtualization software VMware. The organization also plans to build its private cloud system which virtualizes mission critical system and divisional servers which consolidated at the first step. Adoption of a human resource management system in a cloud environment is also included in the future plans of Oita Prefecture.

The advantages gained by Oita Prefecture through the adoption of cloud computing is the reduction of server installation and administrative costs by choosing the open system and server consolidation. Also, the formation of an integrated system administration for consolidated divisional servers has also been a key benefit for the organization.

Cloud Computing for Retail Businesses

WalMart uses cloud computing to analyze its sales data. The organization specifically adopted cloud-based applications to visualize sales data and enhance its analysis of operations in China. Through the adoption of cloud technology in this area of the business, the organization has been able to cut it operational costs by 75% with elimination of the need for new servers.

Cloud Computing has created opportunities for businesses across of wide range of industries. One of the most promising opportunities has been created for retail industry from the new avenues opened by cloud computing. Cloud computing has enabled creation of most comprehensive, end-to-end, customizable solutions for retail industry. These cloud based solution offers a unique one-stop-shop model for all in-store cloud needs, including endpoint devices, networking, security, virtualization, infrastructure, management tools and services. Thus, cloud based solution helps retailers move from a traditional infrastructure to a cloud environment resulting in reduced store system costs and increased reliability, security, deployment speeds, efficiency and flexibility

mizable to each retailer’s unique environment and needs. These solutions allow retailers to simplify store system hardware by hosting and managing complex point-of-sale (POS) and inventory systems centrally in the cloud.

However, today more and more retail organizations are seeing the value of using a cloud computing or virtualized environment to reduce operating expenses, increase data security, and reduce power requirements. But this no longer holds true and cloud-based applications for retail industry are changing the entire dynamics of the industry.

These solutions address retailers’ needs to make their IT operations as efficient, agile and seamless as possible to remain competitive. Cloud-based apps for retail industry provide just that and their role in retail organizations is anticipated to grow in coming years.

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