Quick House cleaning

March 18, 2020

Some tips. First thing in the morning when my baby is eating her breakfast,
I unload the DW. Then it is ready for me to load up during the day. Nothing
sits in the sink. And every evening right before bed, if the DW is full– it
gets turned on. If not, it waits one more day. Then I sweep the floor after
baby has gone to bed and I am settling down to rest!

Also, when I get the mail, I open and sort it right away. Bills go in the bill drawer (that I take care of at the end of the month – 24th or 25th and I pay for the whole month). Magazines get put in a pile to go into the L.R. or Bedroom for browsing. Junk mail and envelopes from bills get filed in the
trash. Why save them for another time. I might as well make it one clean sweep!

Ugh–it’s so true! I might try this one by making a 15-minute playlist for
the iPod and filling it with fun songs. Hopefully this will keep it fun and
brief–so I’ll actually get that initial cleaning done.

Too often I start a “quick” cleaning and end it a few hours later. These cleaning jags make it seem like if I wipe down the kitchen counter now, who
knows where I’ll stop. The toilets? The floors?

I really like your idea of setting limits. We’ll see how it goes!

I’m a therapist and have been “assigning” this to my clients for years. It makes a huge difference in many of my clients’ lives.

When I go to wash my hands I run my wet hands over the surfaces of the sink. Then I wash my hands. I dry my hands with a hand towel and then use the hand towel to dry the sufaces of the sink.

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