Fat loss

How To Change Your Health Habits For Life.

December 2, 2019

Losing weight is a very common goal in todays world. Diseases caused by overweight and obesity are at epidemic levels all around the English-speaking world and countries in the developing world are catching rapidly with the obesity phenomenon.

There are a plethora of diet plans and fads out there now and the list grows daily. It is so confusing if you want to get sound advice as to how to go about effective weight loss. And everyone wants it to be quick and easy. Am I right ?

As a consultant exercise physiologist, I get contacted so often about the latest fads, even I get confused sometimes. However, the basics still apply when it comes to fat loss as it should more accurately be called rather than just weight loss.

The formula is still basically the same as it has always been. Energy output or exercise needs to be greater than energy input or food intake. However, the hardest thing for most people is motivation; the how and why of getting started and how to develop positive, ongoing habits for life.

The rest is just the detail. There are many machines, gyms, diets plans, abdominal machines etc but these are all nearly useless if you have no powerful reason to start a healthy lifestyle. I have chatted with many people who wanted to make lifestyle changes but were not prepared to do whatever it was going to take to develop habits that would last the distance.

Most of exercise and health behaviour is all about change or substitution; out with the old and in with the new, presumably healthy routine.

So, how to make this change? First you need to consider where you are now. What is your starting point? Is there are family history of cardiovascular problems?

There could be warning signs that you should change before something drastic happens. Once you have identified a powerful enough trigger, you are halfway to making the change/s you need to make. But if the reason is someone elses and not truly yours, once the excitement of a new programme wears off, you may find you are back to square one.

So, be aware and make sure you start with a strong resonating reason for change. It is the most effective way to ensure you get off on the right path and this will enable you to stay the course when times get tough.

The never say diet approach is about lifestyle changes. It is truly the only way to reliably beat the fads and the failure of the quick fix approach.

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