Funny True Stories to Share at Your Next Party

July 25, 2018

Parties are great times to tell funny true stories obviously because these add fun, laughter and enjoyment to the occasion.

Surprise Christmas Present

Let’s start off with one of the funny Christmas stories where the theme is gift-giving gone wrong. Two men, John and Jake, were luckily able to purchase two season tickets to their favourite team’s games. In the stadium, they noticed that the seat next to them was empty so they decided to ask the ticket office if they can buy the spare seat for their friend. The ticket staff, however, told them that the seat was taken.

Week after week, the spare seat was empty. Then, on the day after Christmas, a man came to take the seat. They cannot resist asking where he was all season.

The man replied, “My wife bought the season tickets last summer but kept it as my surprise gift for Christmas and so here I am!”

Obscure Laws in Effect

Even in the Information Age, medieval laws can still be in effect, which is yet another subject of funny true stories. During examination day at Cambridge University, an intelligent if smart[censored] student asked the proctor for cakes and ale with the assertion that this was written in the 400-year old Laws of Cambridge. At this point, efforts were made to provide the student with soft drinks and hamburger, which were deemed the equivalent of cakes and ale.

Well, of course, university officials will not take it sitting down and so they referred to the Laws of Cambridge, which were written in Latin and still effective albeit in a nominal manner. The result: The student was fined for not wearing a sword during examination.

Hit the Floor

This is one of the funny true stories regarding a well-known Hollywood celebrity. A well-dressed white lady went to Los Angeles during the height of racially-charged riots. She decided to risk riding the high-cl[censored] hotel’s elevator with three black men one of whom said, “Hit the floor, lady!” Out of sheer terror, she immediately dropped to the floor on her stomach.

But the black men laughed so hysterically that she looked up and saw it was Eddie Murphy with two of his business partners. Murphy only wanted her to push the button on the floor she was going to.

Now, that’s one of the many funny true stories that we can relate to.

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