Funny News Stories To Share

July 25, 2018

Let’s face it. Reading the news, be it on national broadsheets or local tabloids, can quickly become depressing with stories about the effects of recession, domestic violence, and dirty politics, among others. Well, why ruin your day when you can easily make it a happy one with funny news stories?

These funny short stories are not your usual stories of doom and gloom, which are the common tales reported by large news organizations, both online and in print. Instead, these are stories about common people leading common lives but with one uncommon difference – theirs are funny stories that put a smile on your lips and a laugh in your belly. You simply cannot resist but let out a giggle and then a full-on guffaw followed by loud laughter when the story’s hilarity becomes evident with each passing second.

Indeed, funny news stories are meant to be shared among two or more people, which cannot be said of the typical doom and gloom fare of mainstream news. After all, why become the bearer of bad news when you can be the bearer of great news that make everyone’s day happy? Or at least, you share funny short stories that inject a much-needed boost to someone’s gloomy day.

Shared laughter among family and friends is not all there are to sharing funny news stories either although this is certainly the best benefit. Laughter also has it social purposes of which the most important is strengthening the bonds of love, trust and friendship in your circle of family and friends.

Think about this scenario: You and your husband are having an intense argument about the finances in your household at a time when unemployment is a constant spectre in the economy. While in the middle of an argument, you suddenly remember a funny news story about two unemplo[censored] men and you tell it out of the blue. Your husband stops to listen and then laughs at the story’s hilarious punch line. The result: tension is diffused and you can now have a more constructive discussion about your present financial situation.

It is true what relationship experts say: Shared laughter in good times will add fun to your relationship but shared laughter in bad times will make strengthen it. So, share funny news stories now and enjoy their benefits to the fullest starting with shared laughter.

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