Funny News Stories – Have You Heard Any Lately?

July 25, 2018

Life is weirder, funnier and stranger than any prolific writer can ever come up with in his imagination. Funny news stories, which we can confidently assume are true stories for the most part, are proof of just how life is the best inspiration for hilarious jokes with many even becoming a part of urban legend and family lore. Here are a few examples of funny true stories that you may have heard in the news.

Oil Change, Life Change

A 45-year old woman, Amy Brasher, was apprehended by police in San Antonio, Texas after entrusting her car to a local mechanic for an oil change. Now, you probably think that an oil change is a routine car maintenance procedure that has absolutely nothing to do with criminal activity. Be prepared to be surprised with one of best funny news stories that can be attributed to plain stupidity.

Brasher hid 18 packages of marijuana in her car’s engine compartment! She admitted to the failure to realize that the mechanic will lift the car’s hood for the oil change and that’s how she got caught with her hood up, so to speak. Now, there’s a life-changing event after an oil change.

The Smell of Gasoline. Or Is It?

In one of the funny true stories with a certain malodorous smell to it, a man attempted to steal gas from a parked motor home on a Seattle street. Instead of siphoning the motor home’s gas line, he accidentally plugged into its sewage line!

When police arrived, the thief was so ill from the malodorous smell that police found him curled up next to the motor home presumably still vomiting his guts out. The good news is that the owner did not press charges against the thief. Why? He said that it was one of the most hilarious funny news stories he had ever been part of.

Indeed, if you look around you, read the newspapers and watch the news, you are bound to come across funny stories about real people living real lives, so to speak. Keep your eyes open, too, because you never know when you, too, can tell your own funny news stories to your family and friends.

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