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    WebproComponents Launches Public Beta

    May 6, 2020

    After several months in private beta, the WebproComponents Node.js hosting platform is now open to everyone! WebproComponents provides developers scalable hosting, integrated database, and powerful statistics for their Node.js applications.

    Signing up for the public beta is extremely simple and we encourage everyone to jump on and look around. If you’re new to WebproComponents, the Getting Started Guide will show you everything that’s needed to get your first application up and running.

    The feedback from users during the private beta has been an integral part of our development process. There is no comment too small. We rely on you to guide us to the best possible product. If there’s a bug, missing feature, or you just want to ask a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    The demand for the private beta has been exceptional and we want to apologize to those we were unable to invite. Modulus has a long and exciting roadmap in its future, but its nothing without the help and support of our users.

    What is WebproComponents?

    WebproComponents makes deploying applications in the public cloud or your own data center easy. Node.js, PHP, Java, Python, Nginx, and MongoDB supported. Full Docker support included in Enterprise version. It’s free to get started.


    Applying this to habit change

    April 3, 2020

    That would be the key for me… something that will help me actually be self-disciplined enough to use it! Something easy and simple and compelling enough that it’s a joy to use.

    I really need a some type of notebook system. I currently use a momplanner, but it doesn’t give me everything I need. I just printed out your daily docket and like that there is room for everything. I have a need to cross things off my list of shopping. I like notebooks, but I’d prefer something that is not 8 1/2 by 11– something smaller. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    For me, this box would contain a set of resources books, a binder with some dividers and clear plastic pocket things, a journal, a daybook, a wall calendar, and lots of black, rollerball micro tip pens. In my journey from having no clue how to run my household to now, where my husband will finally say, “Well, its okay if we don’t know when guests are comeing really far ahead, becuase the house is generally always ready”, I have had to research the systems that other people use (I read the Messies manual, The Speed Cleaning Book, Clean Like a Man, and Total Mom Makeover, surfed Fly Lady, Organized Home, This Messy House, and interviewed all my friends whose household keeping skills I admired for their top five tips and tricks), then journal about the ideas I found. Then I had to organize the information I needed in the binder (phone numbers, newsletters, etc so they don’t get lost and misplaced, weekly menus for future reference, receipts in the clear plastic pockets) as well as plan a basic household routine that worked around my schedule. Then I have to write down everything I need to do on the day I need to do it in the daybook (seriously, I’ve been vacuuming on Tuesdays for two years, but I still need to write it down). I have the wall calendar to look at when I need to plan something over the phone, and write little odds and ends on. I now use the journal to reflect on what I’m doing that I like / don’t like, keep my priorities straight and remind myself of why this is all important. The pens are just my favorite kind, and I feel happier about all that scribbling if I have a pen I like.

    All that being said, I think a lot of people are probably happier with just having a checklist handed to them, or daily emails telling them what to do. I just hate having anyone tell me what to do, so I have to reinvent the wheel.

    I too really need a more productive system. What will be ideal for me is something portable that can help me voice record/playback my messages/ tots that I want to be noted down while at the same time help me plan which tasks to do based on the optimum amount of energy I have for the day


    Quick House cleaning

    March 18, 2020

    Some tips. First thing in the morning when my baby is eating her breakfast,
    I unload the DW. Then it is ready for me to load up during the day. Nothing
    sits in the sink. And every evening right before bed, if the DW is full– it
    gets turned on. If not, it waits one more day. Then I sweep the floor after
    baby has gone to bed and I am settling down to rest!

    Also, when I get the mail, I open and sort it right away. Bills go in the bill drawer (that I take care of at the end of the month – 24th or 25th and I pay for the whole month). Magazines get put in a pile to go into the L.R. or Bedroom for browsing. Junk mail and envelopes from bills get filed in the
    trash. Why save them for another time. I might as well make it one clean sweep!

    Ugh–it’s so true! I might try this one by making a 15-minute playlist for
    the iPod and filling it with fun songs. Hopefully this will keep it fun and
    brief–so I’ll actually get that initial cleaning done.

    Too often I start a “quick” cleaning and end it a few hours later. These cleaning jags make it seem like if I wipe down the kitchen counter now, who
    knows where I’ll stop. The toilets? The floors?

    I really like your idea of setting limits. We’ll see how it goes!

    I’m a therapist and have been “assigning” this to my clients for years. It makes a huge difference in many of my clients’ lives.

    When I go to wash my hands I run my wet hands over the surfaces of the sink. Then I wash my hands. I dry my hands with a hand towel and then use the hand towel to dry the sufaces of the sink.


    Checkwriting with Vanguard Money Market Funds

    March 12, 2020

    My fiancee and I have some money in a Vanguard mutual fund account that we’ve earmarked for future use (some of it is for a wedding, but mostly it’s for a rainy day) and one feature I like about the account is that it has free checkwriting. This isn’t anything special, many brokerages offer this feature, but it does require that you keep the some money in a bond or money market asset. You can’t write a check and have it auto-debited from a regular mutual fund account.

    To set this up, you have to first select a money market account to give checkwriting privileges to. I took a quick look at the money market funds offered, there are four taxable money market funds and six tax-exempt money market funds (plus close to two dozen bond funds of both taxable and tax-exempt types), and at first couldn’t really see much of a discernible difference among them.

    The only obvious difference is that the returns on the taxable money market funds are higher than the returns on the tax-exempt money market funds, which makes a little bit of sense because they’ll be much closer after taxes are concerned. The one year average of the four taxable funds ranged from 4.88% to 5.22% compared to 3.50% to 3.6% for the tax-exempt funds. When you consider the underlying construction of money market funds are that they invest in short term market instruments like CDs, commercial paper, bank notes, etc; the differences between one money market fund and another will just be in the level of risk it accepts.

    Either way, I think I’m just going to pick Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund (VMMXX) because it has the highest return. All of the taxable fund expense ratios are 0.29% and the minimums are all $3k with the exception of the Admiral Treasury Money Market fund. It has an expense ratio of 0.13% but a minimum of $50k.

    If they offered a Maryland Tax-Exempt money market fund, I probably would’ve chose that one but they don’t. They only offer California, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The beauty of those funds are that they are tax-exempt in those states plus federal income taxes. If you live outside of those states, you would only be shielded against federal income taxes.

    After you pick a fund and add some money to it, setting up the checkwriting is a cinch. Simply go to your Account Profile and click on Checkwriting underneath Manage my accounts. They will ask to confirm that you want to establish Checkwriting. Click Yes and a separate PDF will open up containing a form you must fill out and mail in (because it contains signatures maybe? I don’t understand why it can’t be faxed).

    Just some quick rules about the checkwriting, the check must be greater than $250 and Vanguard doesn’t withhold any taxes, even though it’s considered a distribution. It’ll be reported on a 1099-R. By setting up this checkwriting, we can avoid the need to transfer money from Vanguard to our Bank of America account before writing a check – thus saving ourselves a 3-4 day wait. Checkwriting is awesome!


    Can You Cut Back on Any of These Expenses?

    March 6, 2020

    Cable TV. Most of us spend too much money on our cable service. Either cancel some (or all) of your premium channels such as HBO, STARZ or SHOTIME or better yet, cancel cable TV all together. The most expensive Netflix plan only costs $16.99 a month (this allows you to have 3 DVDs out at one time and free streaming to your TV). You have to buy a device (one time $99 fee) to get the streaming videos but it will most likely still save you money. Or you can watch them on your Mac or PC. Better yet, most TV programs are online.

    Almost all major networks have entire episodes online. These are completely free with less advertising! If you live close to a video store, such as Blockbuster, ask them what deals they have. They also will send you DVDs for free, $17.99 for 3 movies out at once, plus you can exchange them in-store. They also have an on demand player, just like Netflix.Hint: Feel like you can’t live without your on demand? Make a list of the shows you regularly watch and see if you can find them online for free. Try all the major network websites and do a Google search for your favorite shows. If you can find them all then you have nothing to worry about: search Netflix and/or Blockbuster to rent DVDs of your favorite shows.

    Phone service. Does anyone really need a landline anymore? If you have a cell phone, this is something you can most likely cancel without ever noticing it’s gone. Cut back on your cell phone extras like texting and internet. You can always go pre-paid.

    Internet. Do you use your computer mostly at home or at work? If you answered work then maybe you don’t need a super high speed internet connection. Try switching back to DSL and saving money.

    Memberships. How many memberships do you have? Gym? Dating service? Costco? How many of these do you actually use? If you’re not using one, cancel it. Simple.

    Food. Bringing your lunch to work can save you a lot of money. When I switched to bringing my lunch I saved an average of $6 a day. That’s $30 a week and $1560 a year! Eat at home more and you’ll save a lot of money, and, most likely, eat healthier too.

    Coffee. Sorry, Starbucks but you are definitely on the CUT list. There is no reason to spend $4 on a coffee that you can make at home for 20 cents. Sure, that white chocolate mocha is a nice treat every once in a while but make sure it’s only once in a while. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save on just cutting out coffee!

    Beauty treatments. Hopefully you are not living in the ‘80s and going to a tanning salon. Besides the chance of getting skin cancer it adds up. You can get the same effect (and much safer too) by buying a $6 bottle of self tanner at the drugstore. Love getting your nails done? Buy a bottle of good nail polish (like OPI) and do it yourself or take turns giving and receiving manicures with a friend.

    Books. Cut back on your Amazon spending and hit up your local library instead. Most libraries allow you to browse their selection online and place your order that way. All you have to do is pick up the books and drop them back off. If you read a lot this can translate into mega savings. You can also read DVDs at the library for free.

    Trade what you don’t want for what you do. All of us have stuff we no longer use, now you can use the internet to trade them for what you want. Even if you do have to pay for shipping it’s still way cheaper then paying for new books or CDs.

    Cut coupons. You will be surprised at how much money you can save by taking a few minutes each week to clip coupons. When you shop be careful of buying too many perishables. Don’t let anything go to waste. You can also use Diskonio.com and craigslist for free or cheap things.

    Clothes. If you really need something new search online for sales before you shop and don’t impulse buy. You can find unique pieces at local thrift stores. Or, have a clothes swap party with your friends.

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    Benefits of using the coupon codes of quest nutrition

    February 24, 2020

    Coupon codes or vouchers are helpful for the people who are interested in purchasing the products of a company through its website. A huge range of items and services are available nowadays that can be easily accessible through the sites. When people are purchasing any services and goods at any online store, the coupon codes can help them with some special discount on the products and services of the store. In the same way, people can get the products of quest nutrition for a better price using quest nutrition coupon codes. Using the coupon codes of quest nutrition, people can get any quest nutrition products that include cravings, protein bars, chips, and clothes. People need to type some codes on the site from where people are purchasing the products or services, and then they will get a discount by clicking on it. Many websites distribute the coupon codes of various online retailers.

    The online retailers provide this type of facility to the customers since they know that people can get a product if they can have some special offer or concession through the coupon codes. Most of the coupon codes are written in short words or phrases with a combination of letters and characters. The offers or discount offered by the vouchers will depend on the online retailers or businesses. There are a variety of discounts that are offered by the websites when the customers buy something from that website by using the coupon codes. Some of the websites may give a few cents of discount, whereas some others give 50 percent on the original price. People can also get this type of offer in the quest nutrition coupon codes, and they can use these coupon codes to buy the products of quest nutrition for a lower price.

    The days when people use the print media to offer discounts for the customers have gone. Millions of people over the world are using coupon codes to shop online and save their money. Among the other benefits of using the coupon codes, one that is the best is people can get the product for a lower price and also with free shipping charge. People who like to get the products of quest nutrition such as protein bars and chips can search for quest coupon codes that let the customers enjoy online purchase with free shipping feature. Most of the consumers would like to shop online without shipping charges as they do not like to spend money on shipping service. Shipping charges may make the purchase of a product more expensive than usual. So, people can avoid shipping charges by using the coupon codes with free shipping offer.

    One of the other benefits of purchasing the products online using the coupon codes online is that they can get another product as compensation or free. Some of the online retailers will promote their business by offering the customers a free product along with the ordered product. The coupons offered by online retailers will last for a week or a month. People need to use these coupon codes before its validity period gets expired. In order to buy the quest nutrition products, people should make use of the quest nutrition coupon codes before the coupon’s validity gets expired. After collecting the bonus codes of products, one who likes to use this offer in buying the product need to type the codes in the website of retailers from where they are going to purchase the products. People can collect different types of coupon codes of the same brand from different coupon sites to make a wonderful online purchase.


    Weight Loss Does Not Need To Be A Touchy Subject

    December 2, 2019

    It seems like everyone has the subject of weight loss lingering on their minds and hearts. Doctors and scientists are beginning to realize that the only way that everyone can be rest assured a long and healthy life is if they succumb to losing any excess weight that ails them.

    There are plethora’s of different ways that people are pursuing to lose excess body fat. Many people are taking what they believe to be the easier way out by utilizing different diet pills and hoping endlessly that the weight will begin to diminish over time.

    Diet pills do provide you an avenue to be able to lose weight. However, you need to be able to commit to an exercise regiment in order for the diet pills to have their full effect on your overall body stature.

    Everyone has heard about the boring dieting regiment. However, for many people it seems as if diets don’t work. People have a difficult time sticking to them, and a lot of people even try to deprive themselves of things that their bodies need while they are on a diet.

    All of the brand new diets that hit the market praise that they are the miracle diet that you have been aimlessly searching for. However, the sad part is they don’t do your body justice either. To be frank, there is no such thing as a miracle diet for weight loss its sad but true.

    The problem with many people that pursue weight loss as means to live a healthier more fulfilling life is they do not realize that weight loss is difficult. You need to know how to lose weight in order to see any difference in your body stature.

    If you put yourself in the frame of mind that you have to lose weight fast, sadly enough you may never be able to accomplish your weight loss goals. You need to think about losing weight in a realistic stand point and set realistic goals for you to go by.

    It seems like everyone has a miracle way that they claim that you can lose weight now-a-days. Many of the ways have been tried by thousands of people and failed tremendously. However, there is a means that you can lose weight you just need to do everything that you can to stick with an overall action plan in which to do so.

    The way that you look at things needs to change. You need to make your family as well as your friends aware that you are seriously going to try to shed some excess pounds that have been ailing you. You will need to get the support of everyone that you can when you speak with them about your weight loss intentions.

    Weight loss is a difficult battle for everyone to face. It does take a lot in order to shed off underlying pounds that have caused you problems. You just need to be able to tell yourself that you can lose the weight that ails you and do not let anyone else steer you away from your goals.

    You have to endure an exercise regiment for at least one hour a day for the course of 6 days. A vigorous regiment accompanied with great eating techniques is one of the only ways that you will be able to overcome your weight dilemma.

    Fat loss

    Tummy Tuck Pricing

    December 2, 2019

    How much does a tummy tuck cost? For anyone thinking about tummy tuck surgery, also know as an abdominoplasty, that is probably one of the first questions on your mind. But unfortunately, that question is difficult to answer. The reason is because the price varies so much depending on where you live in the United States. Because the price varies so much, many people choose to travel to another state to have their surgery done.

    Some of the cheapest places include Idaho, Indiana, and Utah. But if you look around, you can probably find reasonable prices near you. That being said, you should never choose your cosmetic surgeon based solely on price alone. After all, it is your life in their hands. Similarly, by choosing a cheaper or less skilled surgeon, you might run into complications after surgery, that could cost more than what it would have cost if you had gone with the more expensive surgeon.

    Because the cost for a tummy tuck varies so widely, I googled for various tummy tuck/ plastic surgeons around the country and then I gave them a phone call and asked how much the charge for a tummy tuck. Through this experience, I learned a few things. One, the price varies a lot from city to city. All together, I figure the average price nationwide is about $6300 which is the total cost for the surgery. That covers the surgeon’s fee, use of the surgical facilities, and the anesthesia. Probably around 75% goes to the surgeon.

    So after calling surgeons across the country these are the results I’ve found. Ill list them here alphabetically.These are the prices I was quoted.

    In Atlanta Georgia, the price for a tummy tuck was between $6500 and $8000. In Chicago, the price was between $5000 and $11,100. Next we have Detroit. Detroit was one of the most expensive cities to have a tummy tuck. I was quoted $14,000 by the first surgeon I call. However a city very close to Detroit, West Bloomfield, the price there are was $8500. In Houston, the prices range from $3500 up to $9150. Los Angeles, the place I thought would be the most expensive, the prices range from $6000-$9600. In a city close to Los Angeles called Oxnard I found one surgeon willing to do the surgery, for $4600. After that we have Miami, where the prices ranged from $6000 up to $10,200. Next is New York City, with a price range between $5000 and $13,000. Oregon, surgeons were willing to do the surgery for anywhere between $6000 and $14,500. In Philadelphia, prices range from between $5500 and $11,100. And last but not least, in Seattle, and that includes Bellevue, Renton, SeaTac, price is worry where between $5000 and $10,000.

    The cost of a tummy tuck spans a wide range as you can see. If you’re really on a budget but want similar results, you might consider a panniculectomy which removes excess fat and skin only, instead of work done on the stomach muscles like a tummy tuck.

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    How To Change Your Health Habits For Life.

    December 2, 2019

    Losing weight is a very common goal in todays world. Diseases caused by overweight and obesity are at epidemic levels all around the English-speaking world and countries in the developing world are catching rapidly with the obesity phenomenon.

    There are a plethora of diet plans and fads out there now and the list grows daily. It is so confusing if you want to get sound advice as to how to go about effective weight loss. And everyone wants it to be quick and easy. Am I right ?

    As a consultant exercise physiologist, I get contacted so often about the latest fads, even I get confused sometimes. However, the basics still apply when it comes to fat loss as it should more accurately be called rather than just weight loss.

    The formula is still basically the same as it has always been. Energy output or exercise needs to be greater than energy input or food intake. However, the hardest thing for most people is motivation; the how and why of getting started and how to develop positive, ongoing habits for life.

    The rest is just the detail. There are many machines, gyms, diets plans, abdominal machines etc but these are all nearly useless if you have no powerful reason to start a healthy lifestyle. I have chatted with many people who wanted to make lifestyle changes but were not prepared to do whatever it was going to take to develop habits that would last the distance.

    Most of exercise and health behaviour is all about change or substitution; out with the old and in with the new, presumably healthy routine.

    So, how to make this change? First you need to consider where you are now. What is your starting point? Is there are family history of cardiovascular problems?

    There could be warning signs that you should change before something drastic happens. Once you have identified a powerful enough trigger, you are halfway to making the change/s you need to make. But if the reason is someone elses and not truly yours, once the excitement of a new programme wears off, you may find you are back to square one.

    So, be aware and make sure you start with a strong resonating reason for change. It is the most effective way to ensure you get off on the right path and this will enable you to stay the course when times get tough.

    The never say diet approach is about lifestyle changes. It is truly the only way to reliably beat the fads and the failure of the quick fix approach.

    Fat loss

    Another Good Reason to Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs

    December 2, 2019

    The development of female-like breasts in young men and teenagers is referred to by medicine as gynecomastia. The causes of the condition are several and different, ranging from hormonal problems ? the most common ones ? to several medications or drugs. Gynecomastia, considered a disease by many medical circles, can be addressed regardless of the original cause. Treatment can be different but in 90% of cases is quite effective; the problem lies to the psychological effects of the condition to men, which can be really serious.

    Men have great difficulties with this condition, which is the main cause of antisocial behavior among young men and teenagers. Gynecomastia can cause serious distress, problems in self consciousness and awareness, low self esteem, embarrassment. Gynecomastia by default causes several self image issues to men, issues that need to be addressed by an expert, before they can cause serious psychological and social problems.

    In most cases, the medical part of the problem can be addressed and solved fast; whether it involves some medication and treatment, or surgery in more severe pathological cases, the condition is reversible and treatable, but the psychological effects of Gynecomastia are not easy to deal with. Most men have a hard time dealing with the emotional scarring caused by this condition. Gynecomastia can result in minority type complex behaviors, loss of self confidence and acceptance.

    Men, both adults and teenagers, avoid relationships with other individuals while suffering from gynecomastia. Ridicule, intimidation and emotional blocking are among the serious consequences and effects of gynecomastia to men, who start questioning their sex and their ability to adapt to society. They also avoid relationships with the opposite sex and feel even less comfortable around them, as they think that they have an unwanted common characteristic with women.

    Masculinity doesn?t rely on the non existence of breasts ? this is something that most patients hear all the time, however it can little affect or change their mind set. Men with Gynecomastia might need to deal with ridicule of others and the consequent emotions of shame and humiliation that can devastate their life.

    Most men have a hard time going to the sea or pool, or get undressed for any reason. In most severe cases, breasts cannot be hidden by clothes either; this means that fear of humiliation is always present.

    Men with gynecomastia feel seriously unattractive; this can affect their sexual relationships as well, as they feel reluctant to get undressed in front of a woman, fearing that she might feel uncomfortable or disgusted by the abnormal development of breasts. Their ability to form long-term intimate relationships can be affected or minimized.

    Men who suffer from gynecomastia should deal with the issue from the beginning; in some cases men avoid seeking medical help, fearing rejection and humiliation, a fact that adds to their social and psychological problems. Addressing the physical part as soon as possible, with the aid of doctors and professionals, is crucial, not only for health reasons, but also because the final solution of the problem can help them prevent the serious psychological effects that gynecomastia can cause.