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    8 Ways To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

    August 18, 2018

    Car insurance is a fact of life and is required by law, in some form or another, in nearly every state. When you have auto insurance you are not only protecting yourself from having to pay someone else if you cause an accident, you are safeguarding your own assets in case someone else is at fault.

    Here are some ideas to consider when you are trying to get those auto insurance rates down:

    1. Drop Coverage That Is Unnecessary – If you have an older vehicle that is not worth too much it may be wise to drop the collision and comprehensive portion of your coverage. These are a significant portion of your premium. If you have enough money to cover the replacement cost of your vehicle in the bank, then it may make sense to drop the coverage and to keep your premium money.

    2. Higher deductibles – A deductible is the amount you will have to pay out-of-pocket should you have to use your policy. By accepting a higher deductible, you can see a significant drop in your auto insurance premiums.

    3. Take Advantage of Packages – Most insurers offer multiple-vehicle and multiple-policy discounts. So, if you are a renter or own a home, using the same company for your auto insurance and your home insurance should get you a discount on both.

    4. Speaking of Discounts – Be sure you are taking advantage of all the discounts available to you. Most insurance companies offer the following:

    • Multiple Vehicle
    • Homeowner
    • Safe Driver
    • Good Credit
    • Good Student
    • Military
    • Certain Group Memberships
    • Certain Employers
    • Certain Occupations
    • Vehicle Alarm Systems
    • Paperless Statements

    5. Clean Driving Record – Maintaining a clean driving record is one of the easiest ways to save on your car insurance rates. Insurance companies reward consumers who are safe drivers, who do not have a history of speeding tickets or other violations and are accident-free. Some companies are now forgiving a safe driver’s first accident and not raising their rates.

    6. Compare Multiple Companies – As in all consumer products, rates vary. These days, with the many car insurance comparison internet sites, it’s easier than ever to get rate quotes from multiple companies for the same coverage options.

    7. Choose Your Vehicle Wisely – You may not be able to change the vehicle that you are now driving but if you are thinking about purchasing a new vehicle, consider the costs of one type of vehicle versus another. Newer or sportier vehicles will carry higher insurance premiums.

    Cost Saver Number Eight – Telematics

    Telematics is a newer offering by some insurance companies and can be a way to save money on your insurance if you are a safe driver.

    Basically, a car insurance telematics policy allows your insurance company to affix an electronic device to your vehicle which tracks such data as your speed when you drive and location. The data is fed back to the insurance company and can be used to adjust your rate.

    Obviously, this system would be most beneficial to those that are truly safe drivers and who do not drive at peak times. But, if you feel that your rates are too high, telematics could save you money.

    In addition, if your car is stolen, it can be easily tracked using the GPS feature!

    Don’t Drop Your Insurance– Protect Yourself But Trim Costs

    Though we all hate having to pay for insurance, car insurance is one type of insurance that you should always carry. The consequences of driving without insurance and of cancelling insurance are just too costly when you look at the big picture.

    Instead, keep your family protected and take advantage of the many ways to keep your premiums more affordable. Take the time to perform a yearly review and avoid the inevitable creeping up of your car insurance premiums.


    A Europe Travel Guide

    August 18, 2018

    Europe, the modern wonders of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Swiss valley of snow-laden rustic plains of Spain, it is inspired by the beauty of enchanting wonderland fear, anxiety is a banquet of life and rich historical significance. It is not one where the home is the place you want. It’s diverse culture, exotic food and a wonderful continent full of people. Europe has a mild climate; you can enjoy reasonably. If it’s warm enough some Arguably, the best time to visit the continent in the summer. Winter, however, is very cool.

    West Asia and Africa, the continent of Europe are located in the north. The Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to the south, while providing the Baltic, is situated towards the north. The large mountain range runs across the Alps to the west. Bound by the Atlantic Ocean on the west of the continent. The geographical diversity of Europe is the world’s largest home to some of the many attractions guaranteed.

    Here you can visit one of the many beautiful places to be. Europe travel guide Paris ‘ Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower, including Buckingham Palace in London, such as the Colosseum in Rome, you must see places. Europe is rich in cultural diversity and is a place of spectacular human-made miracle. However, the lack of scenic beauty will not be here. A longtime favorite scene of the shepherds to the people who need to visit Spain; People who like snow white paradise you must visit in Switzerland. Be a little something for everyone in Europe. It is one kind of unique nightlife in Europe. People here know how to live life as much as possible; Bright lights, vibrant nightclubs able-bodied. Young people from all over the world to visit the famous Amsterdam ride. Tourist hotspots man cheats, pickpockets, cheats to come. Their pleasant vacation so you can not lay one hour should be the boundary.

    During the summer months, there is a rush of European tourists. It is one of the busiest times in the continent. Most of the mass of tourists in Europe travel guide destination. So truly grasp the essence of Europe, one according to their own tastes, you must customize your travel plans. Europe has a lot to offer a place of color and color; The problem is that you want to visit anyone.


    How To Find Legitimate Fast Cash Loans

    August 17, 2018

    When they broke the financial emergency occurs in the middle of the month when they need a fast cash loan. Family, friends, and colleagues can lend money to, but they are often very embarrassing questions can help a lot of questions to ask about the whole experience. Fortunately, regular income to the recipient to provide loans payday loans are also many. The great thing about it is that they are generally a lot of questions that do not meet the consumer without a loan is that it is possible to get a loan.

    If you do not have the money in your wallet when you imagine your car and destroy. From working on the car is the only means of transportation if you do not fix it immediately, you will be a serious problem. Payday Loans competent within a few hours you can apply to disburse loans. Within an hour, some lenders have been known to do this. This means that you have to fix your car when you want to work the next morning, it means that you can use.

    You can find the right payday loan is the best way is to search the Internet. Most companies, lending business, especially an online presence, so you can easily find on the Internet. Best loans in the United States are generally popular review sites are ranked. Time priority is generally approved, credit control, treatment time and other factors of concern to the customer based on the response.

    It also allows you to read the online assessment of your condition to help you identify the best loan will be. All customers are generally satisfied with the complaint and leave online reviews. Thus, you can simply use the online assessment to read all of the services offered by other lenders; you can see the quality.

    Right loan quick loan application in just a few minutes to process and can provide a loan decision is one of The company is the customer experience can be more comfortable there should be a simple loan application process. If approved, the amount is preferably within hours apply for the shortest time possible loan should be credited to the account. The company is also an ideal low-interest rate loan or charge for the service.

    The loan agreement must not be entered too hard. For example, in certain circumstances, for the expansion space. Fines after bankruptcy loan are quite low. Quick cash loans are usually due at the end of the month, but a variety of repayment options, the loan must be provided.

    The person in need of cash fast cash loans is very useful if you can. However, if used incorrectly, they cause more harm than good can be. For this reason, they should be used only in an emergency.


    Success Stories of Cloud Computing

    August 6, 2018

    Businesses are increasingly using cloud computing technology. The main driving force for the adoption of rapid adoption of cloud computing includes lower IT costs, quick decision making and increased agility of response. Stories of successful adoption of cloud computing are found in various industries ranging from the government sector and retail to financial sector and food processing industry, as well as, various countries. Here we discuss success stories of a number of organizations in cloud computing adoption.

    Public Sector

    Japan’s Oita Prefecture adopted the use of a private cloud computing environment and achieved cost savings of 30%. Oita Prefectural Government in Japan has been implementing its virtualization strategy since 2008. In 2008, it consolidated servers, and by 2010, it tackled the mission virtualization critical system by using virtualization software VMware. The organization also plans to build its private cloud system which virtualizes mission critical system and divisional servers which consolidated at the first step. Adoption of a human resource management system in a cloud environment is also included in the future plans of Oita Prefecture.

    The advantages gained by Oita Prefecture through the adoption of cloud computing is the reduction of server installation and administrative costs by choosing the open system and server consolidation. Also, the formation of an integrated system administration for consolidated divisional servers has also been a key benefit for the organization.

    Cloud Computing for Retail Businesses

    WalMart uses cloud computing to analyze its sales data. The organization specifically adopted cloud-based applications to visualize sales data and enhance its analysis of operations in China. Through the adoption of cloud technology in this area of the business, the organization has been able to cut it operational costs by 75% with elimination of the need for new servers.

    Cloud Computing has created opportunities for businesses across of wide range of industries. One of the most promising opportunities has been created for retail industry from the new avenues opened by cloud computing. Cloud computing has enabled creation of most comprehensive, end-to-end, customizable solutions for retail industry. These cloud based solution offers a unique one-stop-shop model for all in-store cloud needs, including endpoint devices, networking, security, virtualization, infrastructure, management tools and services. Thus, cloud based solution helps retailers move from a traditional infrastructure to a cloud environment resulting in reduced store system costs and increased reliability, security, deployment speeds, efficiency and flexibility

    mizable to each retailer’s unique environment and needs. These solutions allow retailers to simplify store system hardware by hosting and managing complex point-of-sale (POS) and inventory systems centrally in the cloud.

    However, today more and more retail organizations are seeing the value of using a cloud computing or virtualized environment to reduce operating expenses, increase data security, and reduce power requirements. But this no longer holds true and cloud-based applications for retail industry are changing the entire dynamics of the industry.

    These solutions address retailers’ needs to make their IT operations as efficient, agile and seamless as possible to remain competitive. Cloud-based apps for retail industry provide just that and their role in retail organizations is anticipated to grow in coming years.


    Never trust user input, Angular $digest errors, and Just fix the bugs

    July 26, 2018

    Well readers this is the last what did you learn post for the summer as next week officially starts fall. Where did the summer go! Well here is what I learned this week.

    User Input, never trust it

    We are developing a REST(sort of) api for our angularjs application and a few times we query by url based upon user input.

    A simple example is a form where a user does a lookup based upon some sort of key.


    Now if the user types say UserKey/ the query will work correctly however if you need to post UserKey/ to the backend for some reason it clearly does not match UserKey. Always sanitize user input.

    AngularJs $digest() Errors

    Chances are during your utalization of the awesome angularjs framework you will eventually encounter the dreaded Error: 10 $digest() iterations reached. Aborting! error. This usually happens if you modify scope values in a watch function which causes an infinite $digest() loop. Recently we encountered this error and for the life of us could not locate the cause.

    Here is the simplified example

    <div ng-app="" ng-init="items = []; id= 0">
        <input type="text" ng-model="text"/>
        <input type="button" ng-click="id = id+1; items.push({text: text, id: id})" value="Add"/>
            <li ng-repeat="item in items">
        <h1 ng-show="items | filter: {id: 1}">List Has Something</h1>

    If you run this example you will see the <h1/> tag displays correctly but you will constantly receive digest errors. Any idea what the cause? It took me a few bug fighting sessions until I discovered it as well. It is caused from the expression in the ng-show which filters the list. If you change the expression to

    <h1 ng-show="(items | filter: {id: 1}).length > 0">List Has Something</h1>

    The digest error disappears (fixed example). From my understanding this happens because of the way angularjs internally tracks the expression. When you call filter it will return a new array each time so angular constantly does a digest since it changes after each iteration.

    Just Fix the Bugs

    In our backlog we have a few small bugs that always seem to get shuffled to the bottom as no one wants to work on them as bug fixes are not fun. Well let me just say just fix them the amount of time that is wasted talking about the small bugs you might as well just fix it, close it down, and move on.

    Input Type Date

    I love the date input type it offers so much convenience to your users when they have to deal with dates as it will open the date picker for iOS.

    Some things you need to handle

    • If you are binding to the date type in a browser that supports the date type, you need to supply the value in yyyy-mm-dd
    • If you need to supply your own custom calendar (custom style or added text) you need to apply custom css provided in this answer to hide browser controls in chrome.
    • Handle timezone correctly, we ran into an error where if the user would type in a date it would display the previous date because the timezone was missing from the raw value.

    Twilio Now Supports MMS

    This week at twiliocon they introduced the ability to send MMS messages via their messaging API. How cool is that? Now we can send pictures of kittens to your phone when you receive a low balance alert (I kid!). I am curious how we can utilize mms in a creative fashion for an online banking application.

    Random idea: Two factor, we send you an apple you type or reply apple to log into the site


    Funny News Stories To Share

    July 25, 2018

    Let’s face it. Reading the news, be it on national broadsheets or local tabloids, can quickly become depressing with stories about the effects of recession, domestic violence, and dirty politics, among others. Well, why ruin your day when you can easily make it a happy one with funny news stories?

    These funny short stories are not your usual stories of doom and gloom, which are the common tales reported by large news organizations, both online and in print. Instead, these are stories about common people leading common lives but with one uncommon difference – theirs are funny stories that put a smile on your lips and a laugh in your belly. You simply cannot resist but let out a giggle and then a full-on guffaw followed by loud laughter when the story’s hilarity becomes evident with each passing second.

    Indeed, funny news stories are meant to be shared among two or more people, which cannot be said of the typical doom and gloom fare of mainstream news. After all, why become the bearer of bad news when you can be the bearer of great news that make everyone’s day happy? Or at least, you share funny short stories that inject a much-needed boost to someone’s gloomy day.

    Shared laughter among family and friends is not all there are to sharing funny news stories either although this is certainly the best benefit. Laughter also has it social purposes of which the most important is strengthening the bonds of love, trust and friendship in your circle of family and friends.

    Think about this scenario: You and your husband are having an intense argument about the finances in your household at a time when unemployment is a constant spectre in the economy. While in the middle of an argument, you suddenly remember a funny news story about two unemplo[censored] men and you tell it out of the blue. Your husband stops to listen and then laughs at the story’s hilarious punch line. The result: tension is diffused and you can now have a more constructive discussion about your present financial situation.

    It is true what relationship experts say: Shared laughter in good times will add fun to your relationship but shared laughter in bad times will make strengthen it. So, share funny news stories now and enjoy their benefits to the fullest starting with shared laughter.


    Taliban’s Humor?

    July 25, 2018

    The first thing I saw was “Taliban’s guide to the new ipad3” Now this sounded promising so I thought no problem in wasting 6 minutes of my time!

    The video was really really funny. I mean this is one the very few times when I am forced to login and comment on a video! But after watching the video I realised there was no mention of taliban in the video!

    Is this guy an attention seeker? Why do all his comedy videos are titled “Taliban’s guide to” ? He talks about movies, girls and [censored] but then again what is the relation with taliban?

    Well I got him up on facebook. goes by his real name “ibrahim Hanif” profile is mainly public. i subscribed to him! and in the next days i silently stalked him. got his twitter he goes by @ibimania on twitter. now when I could no longer remain silent I messaged him

    “Excuse me, I like your videos”

    He replied

    “Many people like them and many hate them, that’s no reason to message me”

    “I just have a question sir, why do use taliban in ur titles”

    “I don’t like explaining myself”

    I didn’t message him on facebook after that. but I did message him on his youtube where he goes as recordmylaughter he replied in a better way telling that because he refused to shave his beard, his friends would call him taliban.

    But this wasn’t just an inside joke. Ibrahim Hanif wants to achieve something! to make people believe that bearded guys do have a sense of humor, muslims too can make jokes about bizzare things. He has a fair po[censored] rity on youtube www.youtube.com/recordmylaughter

    Ibrahim Hanif I came to know has been writing humor and is also interested in magic tricks and a lot of other things including origami and japanese.

    He is inspired by louis ck’s observation and craig ferguson’s wit.

    In magic his favorite is wayne houchin followed by daniel garcia. he doesnt like mainstream magicians like criss angel or david blaine.

    asked him one thing he will change if he could well for him the world is better off with all its miseries. taliban they calll him sure i know why now!


    Funny News Stories – Have You Heard Any Lately?

    July 25, 2018

    Life is weirder, funnier and stranger than any prolific writer can ever come up with in his imagination. Funny news stories, which we can confidently assume are true stories for the most part, are proof of just how life is the best inspiration for hilarious jokes with many even becoming a part of urban legend and family lore. Here are a few examples of funny true stories that you may have heard in the news.

    Oil Change, Life Change

    A 45-year old woman, Amy Brasher, was apprehended by police in San Antonio, Texas after entrusting her car to a local mechanic for an oil change. Now, you probably think that an oil change is a routine car maintenance procedure that has absolutely nothing to do with criminal activity. Be prepared to be surprised with one of best funny news stories that can be attributed to plain stupidity.

    Brasher hid 18 packages of marijuana in her car’s engine compartment! She admitted to the failure to realize that the mechanic will lift the car’s hood for the oil change and that’s how she got caught with her hood up, so to speak. Now, there’s a life-changing event after an oil change.

    The Smell of Gasoline. Or Is It?

    In one of the funny true stories with a certain malodorous smell to it, a man attempted to steal gas from a parked motor home on a Seattle street. Instead of siphoning the motor home’s gas line, he accidentally plugged into its sewage line!

    When police arrived, the thief was so ill from the malodorous smell that police found him curled up next to the motor home presumably still vomiting his guts out. The good news is that the owner did not press charges against the thief. Why? He said that it was one of the most hilarious funny news stories he had ever been part of.

    Indeed, if you look around you, read the newspapers and watch the news, you are bound to come across funny stories about real people living real lives, so to speak. Keep your eyes open, too, because you never know when you, too, can tell your own funny news stories to your family and friends.


    Laughter and the Connection with Funny Jokes

    July 25, 2018

    Laughter has been likened to a great unifier of people, a relaxing reliever of stressful situations, and an effective way to strengthen relationships, be it between family, friends and lovers. Indeed, when you can deliver funny jokes in a way that makes other laugh their hearts out, then you have just found one of the best relationship skills known to man.

    The questions then are: Why do we laugh at funny stories, anecdotes and jokes? Why do we laugh more at certain jokes but not at others? Why do we like funny love stories more than, say, vulgar [censored] jokes – or the other way around, for that matter?

    What Jokes Are

    Let’s first define what jokes are as we know them to be in the modern world. Jokes are stories, anecdotes and one-liners that are spoken, written and done with hilarity and humour in mind. To achieve this purpose, jokes can have touches of sarcasm, irony and word play as well as physical slapstick, gestures and actions to elicit laughter from their audience.

    Indeed, to use the term “funny jokes” is a redundancy but we must acknowledge the differences inherent in each individual’s sense of humour. You may appreciate the raucous stand-up comedy of Chris Rock, for example, but your partner may like Lucille Ball’s slapstick better. Each to his own taste in jokes just as each one has his own way of laughing.

    How Jokes Lead to Laughter

    So how exactly do funny stories, anecdotes and jokes lead to laughter? Scientists have discovered that different parts of the human brain are affected by different types of funny jokes. However, it is the medial ventral prefrontal cortex that initially reacts to the jokes themselves with the other parts of the brain process the jokes and, from there, starts the chain reaction we know as laughter. By the way, the medial prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain responsible for personality development and cognitive function.

    For example, jokes take a completely different path than puns – the latter are processed in the prefrontal cortex. This explains why individuals who have brain trauma will find some jokes funny that others find blah and vice versa. The brain, after all, controls our thoughts including when, where and for how long we laugh over certain jokes including funny love stories.

    Indeed, when you tell funny jokes to others, you are appealing to their brains, literally.


    Funny True Stories to Share at Your Next Party

    July 25, 2018

    Parties are great times to tell funny true stories obviously because these add fun, laughter and enjoyment to the occasion.

    Surprise Christmas Present

    Let’s start off with one of the funny Christmas stories where the theme is gift-giving gone wrong. Two men, John and Jake, were luckily able to purchase two season tickets to their favourite team’s games. In the stadium, they noticed that the seat next to them was empty so they decided to ask the ticket office if they can buy the spare seat for their friend. The ticket staff, however, told them that the seat was taken.

    Week after week, the spare seat was empty. Then, on the day after Christmas, a man came to take the seat. They cannot resist asking where he was all season.

    The man replied, “My wife bought the season tickets last summer but kept it as my surprise gift for Christmas and so here I am!”

    Obscure Laws in Effect

    Even in the Information Age, medieval laws can still be in effect, which is yet another subject of funny true stories. During examination day at Cambridge University, an intelligent if smart[censored] student asked the proctor for cakes and ale with the assertion that this was written in the 400-year old Laws of Cambridge. At this point, efforts were made to provide the student with soft drinks and hamburger, which were deemed the equivalent of cakes and ale.

    Well, of course, university officials will not take it sitting down and so they referred to the Laws of Cambridge, which were written in Latin and still effective albeit in a nominal manner. The result: The student was fined for not wearing a sword during examination.

    Hit the Floor

    This is one of the funny true stories regarding a well-known Hollywood celebrity. A well-dressed white lady went to Los Angeles during the height of racially-charged riots. She decided to risk riding the high-cl[censored] hotel’s elevator with three black men one of whom said, “Hit the floor, lady!” Out of sheer terror, she immediately dropped to the floor on her stomach.

    But the black men laughed so hysterically that she looked up and saw it was Eddie Murphy with two of his business partners. Murphy only wanted her to push the button on the floor she was going to.

    Now, that’s one of the many funny true stories that we can relate to.