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    Electrical Cigarette a new innovation in market across the globe

    June 15, 2018

    Reading newspaper is very important, I didn’t believe in the beginning, but then I realized its significance. Newspaper do give you information and also share knowledge about new invention and technology. Recently I came across the article, which stated that there are two types of cigarettes.

    How strange? I didn’t even know about the types of cigarettes. Yes, there are two types of cigarettes one the traditional cigarette which consists of tobacco while other is the Electric cigarette. The cigarette that too in electronically operated form was amazing to hear.

    Very few of us do know about this. We general people who are not into smoking don’t think important to gain information about cigarettes.

    Cigarettes in the electrical form:

    Electronic cigarettes are cigarettes which do not contain any amount of tobacco in it. They are announced as safe cigarettes to go for. These cigarettes are very much different than regular tobacco cigarettes which contain an amount of powder of tobacco leaves, tar, and other 4,000 chemicals.

    The mixture of chemicals which is found in regular ones are very harmful and can cause a number of diseases.While E-cigarettes is the battery operated device and consist of nicotine and other few chemicals which are in vapor form that is inhaled by the smokers while smoking or vaping.

    ‘Vaping’ this might be a new term, as these E-cigarettes does not produce any form of smoke but vapor. Hence are called as Vaping. To describe these E-cigarettes, these have four important components like Indicator light, Battery, Liquid cartridge, Atomizer and an Inhaler tip.

    This electric cigarette is also smokeless cigarette, this is considered as lot effective than other cigarettes. Many health officials also believe that this is a very helpful tool for those who are on the edge of quitting the regular smoking habit, as this can be one of the best tools to go for which can help you to kick off the smoking habit.


    Gmail 2.0 App Appears for the iPhone and iPad

    June 1, 2018

    Apple finally meet their patron’s demands to have better features on their Gmail applications so it launches its latest and better version of the Gmail 2.0. The iPad and iPhone users have been waiting for this latest application on their devices and it is finally available and within their reach. The Gmail 2.0 was re-designed with better functionalities that would allow its users to enjoy more features for their emailing needs.

    Great features of the Gmail 2.0 application

    When the first Gmail application was previously launched, there were some disappointments because of its limited features. The application runs slow and does not support multiple accounts. The newly re-designed Gmail 2.0 version now provides great features that truly provide better satisfaction among the iPad and iPhone users.

    Using the Gmail 2.0 on your iPad will allow you to enjoy a three-pane view. You can also choose which messages you want to delete and the messages are displayed in an animated pile. Managing multiple Gmail accounts is now possible. The Gmail 2.0 app allows you to use up to 5 accounts in the application. You can easily navigate to find the message you want to retrieve with its prediction feature as you type. A notification center, loch screen and badge options are also available to keep you notified as new email arrives in your inbox.

    You can now read messages with a threaded conversation. The application also allows you to see profile pictures, respond to Google calendar with an RSVP feature, auto complete contact names, send and receive attachments and customize your email with custom messages. You can also respond to interactive Google+ posts instantly directly from the application. The Gmail 2.0 version works faster on iOS and it gives users of iPhone and iPad a new improved look and feel when using Gmail. Animations that involve swivels and transitions with infinite scrolling of your email list are among the latest features of the new Gmail application. With the time saving features of the Gmail app, iPad and iPhone users experience much delight in using the latest 2.0 version.

    What are the requirements for the Gmail 2.0 app?

    The Gmail 2.0 application works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You need to upgrade your software to the latest iOS 5 version and higher. However, the Gmail 2.0 app runs a lot faster and is optimized with the iPhone 5.

    Downloading the Gmail 2.0 app

    To the iPad and iPhone users delight, the new Gmail app is free! You can download the free application either through iTunes or directly on your iPad or iPhone through the Apple Store. It only takes a few minutes of your time to install it on your device and you can start enjoying all the great features of the Gmail 2.0 for free.